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2019 Legal Marketing Playbook | Advertising For Law Firms (eBook)

2019 Legal Marketing Playbook

Lawyers – read up! Outlined below are some trends that will extend into 2019 regarding marketing and advertising tactics as they relate specifically to law firms and law firm marketing.

This will be released as an entire eBook series with the comprehensive eBook published shortly before Jan 1, 2019.

Be sure to check back periodically to download eBook in the series or to grab your digital copy of the comprehensive 2019 Marketing For Law Firms Playbook!

Some of these legal marketing trends are waves that have been forming over the past few years but will extend into 2019. In those instances, we’ll touch on a few changes, advancements and new tactics that can be taken advantage of.

Other trends are just really starting to pick up steam – things that have come along way of late that law firm marketers should be aware of heading into coming years when formulating marketing strategies for law firms.

Below is an outline of each topic in the series:

Part 1: Google Ads For Law Firms | 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook

Part 2: Omnichannel Marketing For Law Firms | 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook

Part 3: YouTube Advertising For Law Firms | 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook

Part 4: SEO For Law Firms | 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook

Part 5: Marketing Analytics For Law Firms | 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook

Part 6: Calculating Law Firm ROI | 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook

Continue reading for an overview of what we’ll touch on in each download…

Google Ads For Law Firms

Part 1 In The 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook eBook Series

Seems like most law firms are running Google Ads campaigns these days (judging by the fierce competition and insanely high CPCs). But, are there Google Ads tactics for law firms on the horizon that can be capitalized on by law firms?

Earlier this year we touched on a few particular strategies that can help drive down the costs of Google Ads for lawyers in order to lower the cost per acquisition and keep your law firm competitive.

In Google Ads Playbook, we’ll look at upcoming trends in Google Ads that law firms can capitalize on to continue to do more of the same.

Each trend is followed by valuable insights regarding:

Why each Google Ads trend is important for lawyers.

How your law firm can capitalize on them in 2019.

Great News! The first part in the Legal Marketing Playbook is now available for download!

To download your copy, click on the link below:

2019 Google Ads For Law Firms Playbook

Omnichannel Marketing For Law Firms

Part 2 In The 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook eBook Series

Yes, digital marketing’s been hot for over a decade now… hopefully your firm’s transitioned accordingly (long gone are the days of the old yellow pages). But what digital marketing trends are in store for law firms in 2019?

Particularly, omnichannel marketing – more of a philosophy than a strategy or tactic, but nevertheless something that should be adopted sooner rather than later.

What is omnichannel marketing for lawyers?

Consumers are increasingly dependent on a variety of devices and touch points generally throughout the day as well as throughout a given conversion funnel. They’re regularly using smartphones, tablets, TVs, desktops and other devices on any given day.

Whether these devices are leveraged by advertisers for awareness, consideration, or action, they need to be looked at in a cohesive manner as a whole, rather than seen as separate touch points. In other words, taking a consistent approach in targeting users everywhere they go – both online and offline… focusing on the marketing mix for law firms as a whole.

What We’ll Cover In This Part In The eBook Series

What Is Omnichannel Marketing For Lawyers?

How’s It Different From My Current Legal Marketing?

How To Capitalize On Omnichannel Marketing In 2019?

YouTube Advertising For Lawyers

Part 3 In The 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook eBook Series

Is YouTube a good fit for law firms, and if so, how should our firm incorporate it into our marketing strategy?

Generally speaking, YouTube is a great way for law firms to:

Increase brand awareness

Increase brand engagement

Obtain data and insights that are pertinent to user behavior and user engagement that are applicable across a number of other marketing channels

What’s Covered In The YouTube Advertising For Lawyers Playbook

Should My Firm Be Advertising On YouTube

How Does YouTube Advertising Compare To TV Advertising For Law Firms

What YouTube Advertising Trends Should Law Firms Be Aware Of

Why Are These Trends Important To My Firm

How To Capitalize Using YouTube In 2019 

SEO For Law Firms

Part 4 In The 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook eBook Series

The occasional whisper floats around that SEO for law firms is dead… but that’s just dead wrong. What are some upcoming trends in law firm SEO and how can an effective SEO strategy impact your legal business?

For years, we’ve known the mantra that “content is king.” But, posting good content isn’t really going to cut it in 2019. It takes a comprehensive SEO strategy to be successful and a full understanding of how Google’s changing SEO for lawyers in 2019.

What’s Covered In The SEO For Law Firms Section Of The Marketing For Law Firms Playbook?

What Lies Ahead For SEO For Lawyers In 2019

How Can My Law Firm Take Advantage Of Upcoming SEO Trends

What Should My Law Firm’s SEO Strategy Entail

Marketing Analytics For Law Firms

Part 5 In The 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook eBook Series

Why do lawyers need good marketing analytics data? There are advancements on the horizon that are making tracking law firm ROI much more viable, especially across the entire marketing mix.

With advanced analytics in place, law firms will be able to have a better understanding of how their marketing and advertising efforts are working together to drive new cases.

Measuring Law Firm ROI

Part 6 In The 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook eBook Series

This is as important as always and (hopefully) your law firm has a good grasp on it’s ROI to as much of an extent possible. However, there are trends coming in 2019 that may streamline the way certain data points are collected and measured that will impact the accuracy of your law firm’s ROI.

What We’ll Cover In This Part In The Series

How Do I Accurately Measure My Law Firm’s ROI

What Tools Are Needed To Do So

How Will Changes In 2019 Impact My Firm’s Ability To Track Advertising ROI

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