2019 Google Ads For Law Firms Playbook

Download your firm's copy of the Google Ads Playbook, a roadmap to digital success on Google Ads in 2019.

What’s Inside The Google Ads For Law Firms Playbook?


Top Trends On Google Ads For Lawyers

  • What trends are we seeing currently on the Google Ads platform that are likely to continue.
  • How they will shape paid search strategies for law firms in 2019.

Why These Google Ads Trends Matter To Law Firms

  • Explanations as to why each trend is important to your firm.

How To Capitalize On These Trends In 2019

  • What, specifically, you and your firm can do make the most of upcoming Google Ads trends.
  • Specific questions to ask your paid search agency or marketing department to find out if your firm is ready for 2019.
  • Dos and don’ts plus how-tos regarding changes to how your firm should manage and oversee its Google Ads campaigns.

We’ll Cover Google Ads Topics That Are Relevant To Law Firms Such As…

  • Favoring Audiences Over Keywords
  • The Increasing Importance Of Landing Pages
  • Creating A Cohesive User Experience Across Google Platforms
  • How To Leverage AI & When Law Firm PPC Managers Should Use Automation Tools
  • How To Figure Out The Optimal Spend On Google For Your Law Firm

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This eBook was published as Part 1 in a series of eBooks. Subsequent releases will be made leading up to CY 2019.

For more information on other parts in this series of eBooks, or to download the entire, comprehensive collection, see our post on The 2019 Legal Marketing Playbook.