google ads for lawyers

Google is a powerful tool, especially for those who are in need of a lawyer.

Hiring an attorney is a big deal for most consumers; a decision that is not taken lightly and one that often requires a lot of research.

For this research, many will take to Google. Thus, a few questions arise…

Will prospects find my firm when searching Google?

There are over one billion searches conducted on Google each and every day. With more and more prospects searching Google for legal services online, will they be able to find your business?

If prospects do find us, will they definitely call us?

Driving prospects to your firm’s website is one thing. But, will they convert (call or contact your firm)? And, if so, will they be qualified leads?

How does our firm get the most out of Google to increase leads?

Increasing visibility on Google requires Paid Search efforts as well as SEO efforts. But be sure not to discount video and display advertising through the Google Display Network!

Google Ads For Lawyers

DMG Is A Google Certified Agency Partner

As a Certified Google Agency Partner, DMG is capable of addressing all three questions with a custom strategy designed specifically to:

  1. Increase the number of qualified leads your firm receives each month.
  2. Lower the overall cost per lead in order to maximize your legal marketing ROI.

We leverage our partnership status to help clients get the most out of Google search, display, YouTube, remarketing, and Gmail ad campaigns.

Google Certified Partner

How To Get The Most For Your Firm When Advertising With Google

There are three primary areas of focus when leveraging Google’s powerful search engines, platforms, and networks.

Google Ads For Lawyers

As law firms well know, competition on AdWords is fierce. And, expensive. Nevertheless, advertising to people who are actively searching for your legal services within your target market is a great way to increase leads and fuel growth. This is one of the areas that makes Google for lawyers so effective.

The only problem: other firms are in on this strategy now too, and increased competition means increased bids and increased costs. In fact, some studies show that lawyer-related keyword bids are more than 150% greater compared to other industries.

With everyone fighting for the top spot on Google, the question becomes:

Does your firm have a competitive advantage on Google?

If you’re not sure, or you’re not feeling confident in your answer, it is time to contact DMG.

Increasing Online Visibility Organically

When someone searches on Google for lawyers, there are two main types of results that will show up: Paid Search Results and Organic Search Results.

Paid Search Results are the Google Ads that appear in which advertisers are charged on a per-click basis.

Clicks on the organic results, on the other hand, are free. Organic results can include search results, Google Maps listings, indexed video results, or featured snippets.

The paid ads are a great way to drive leads and should definitely be a part of any law firm’s Google strategy.

But, a great SEO strategy for law firms should also be included in order to drive free clicks from qualified searches in addition to your firm’s paid search ads.

Use this link to find out more about SEO strategies for law firms.

Generating Leads & Awareness With Display Ads

Remember seeing all those law firm display ads at bus stops, train stations and on billboards?

How about all of those law firm TV commercials?

Granted, most law firm ads miss the mark, but there is good reason why they are there and why so many people see them.

The reason: branding.

Very few people can predict when they may need a lawyer. When they do, they either know who they wish to seek out or they do some research.

Branding is a great way to increase the number of people who know to hire your firm before the need arises.

Enter: the Google Display Network; the branding medium of the digital era.

By using static, graphic display ads, video commercials, or a combination of the two, law firms are able to increase brand awareness against their target audience.

DMG leverages the power of the Google Display Network to get these ads (display ads or video ads) in front of your target audience with a frequency and effectiveness that drives both aided and unaided brand recall.

Brand recall is a powerful way for law firms to increase leads and decrease the cost per acquisition, as well as increase perceived value of your firm.

Check out some of the Display ads we’ve designed for Google Display Network for lawyers.

Michael DiPietro, Steve DiPietro

The Human Element

Google Ads / PPC On Auto-Pilot: Critical Thinking Is Lost

What eventually happens is your PPC / Google Ads campaigns are set to run on auto-pilot.  Automated rules become too heavily relied upon.  They replace the critical, strategic thinking that experienced humans add to the equation.

DMG versus Other Google Agencies

There are good ones. And, bad. We’ve heard the frightening stories. Think for a minute…

Do you honestly believe the big guys do not inevitably turn into sweat shops?  The leaders in the corner office are thinking about their own business’ growth, not yours.  Taking on as many clients as possible without increasing personnel expenses is one way to grow.  The young people on the front lines end up being responsible for more and more accounts.

Big-time vendors selling your business on their services, securing you as a client, then going to the firm across the street, your competition, and pitching them, too.

I never believed in PPC advertising on Google, but once I saw the results it was impossible to ignore & we immediately increased our budget.
Attorney Joe H.

Joseph H.

Senior Partner