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A Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of $92 with an Average Order Value of $65 using Google AdWords? You know that’s trouble.

PLAs aren’t showing very frequently on Google Shopping?

Think your current AdWords partner agency is getting fat and lazy on your dime?

These are just a few of the many situations where DMG was called to step in.

Getting The Most from Your Current AdWords Partner Agency?

Most paid search management agencies of which DMG is aware are reputable. The worker bees diligently try to do a good job.

In too many instances, however, there is a sweatshop environment. Account managers are so overwhelmed trying to handle so many clients that it is difficult for them to not simply place campaigns on auto pilot. This leaves time then to attend to squeaky wheel clients. Think about the formula agencies use: add more clients + keep the amount of employees the same = incremental profit.

DMG has heard the horror stories:

“I haven’t heard from account manager in months”.
“I don’t know who actually does the work on my account.”
“I don’t get reports.”
“What am I getting for my 15% commission.”
“How do I know for sure they are squeezing every cent out of my spend.”

DMG’s roots are in the traditional advertising agency business, pre-digital. Things were more about making the client money first, and servicing the heck out of each client. No sweatshop mentality. DMG has carried that philosophy over to the digital side of things. Traditional love and care, not take-the-money-for-as-long-as-possible.

DMG cares about each and every client. And, makes them money. That’s one reason clients have stayed with us for years and years.

Overwhelmed Doing AdWords Yourself?

Today, profiting from Google AdWords and Bing / Yahoo Ad Network requires a hybrid of skills:

  • An intimate knowledge of the advertisers products or services.
  • An understanding of the prospect’s search intent for varying relevant key phrases.
  • Copywriting experience and skill.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Ability to be a productive part of the advertiser’s marketing team.
  • Web analytics experience.
  • A little coding experience.
  • Knowledge of Google Tag Manager, Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) and Merchant Center.
  • Traditional direct marketing experience to be able to know how, when and why to, for example, run A/B split tests.

Not to mention: the sheer amount of time it takes to keep up with ever-so-fast PPC improvements and changes. Consider recent changes: Upgraded Final URLs, new reporting features, Target CPA Simulator, advanced re-marketing options, ad customizers, call out extensions, Bing’s Native Ads, etc., etc.

DMG Maximizes PPC Profitability

With DMG, you’ll receive:

  • Google Analytics audit to ensure optimum tracking, including of mobile purchases.
  • AdWords & Bing Ads account optimization including use of landing page testing, ad testing, key phrase research, campaign & ad group optimization, strategic bidding for profitability, the use of scripts & automated rules, etc.
  • Profitably adding to the mix: Facebook, Re-marketing
  • On-going optimization
  • On-going testing
  • Recommendations on how to accumulate reviews so that they appear adjacent to ads
  • Call tracking, if applicable.
  • Potentially, landing page optimization (if applicable, additional fees apply)
  • Google Shopping PLAs and Bing Shopping PLAs set-up and optimization
  • Strategy sessions as needed
  • As-needed email Alerts
  • Monthly reporting

DMG does *not* create new paid search accounts for clients who have existing accounts. So, clients always have access. There’s always transparency…even should it be desired to look over our shoulders.

Should a new account need to be set-up, it will be opened in the client’s name. Clients will own and control its own account at all times.

Our philosophy is: as an advertising agency, we are an agent of the client. As such, DMG does not own any work it does on behalf of clients; clients do.

PPC Pricing

We have a plan that’ll you’ll love.

No contracts…all we ask is a courtesy 30 days notice in the unlikely event results are not to expectations.

Call Steve Di Pietro for details.
Or, use the contact form.

Gain Some Insight

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