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DMG has earned Google Certified Partner status for AdWords Advertising, Analytics, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising and Shopping Advertising.

DMG is a Certified Google Partner Agency

Keeping up with Lord Google and being a Google Certified Partner Agency can be a royal pain.  Google’s constant evolution, changes and improvements are enough to drive a sane person crazy.

Which is one reason clients love us.  We do what they don’t have to, freeing them up to run their businesses.  (There’s also the fact that we make them money.)

Large advertisers.  Small advertisers.  DMG’s clients make money.

They also appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re doing business with people who truly care about helping to grow their businesses…earnest people of integrity and honor.

PPC Since 1998

DMG is located in the Philadelphia area, serving clients nationwide.

DMG began running pay-per-click paid search PPC campaigns way back in 1998, with  This was a year after Yahoo turned down an opportunity to buy Google for $1 million.  We remember paying 4 cents per click, and generating orders with an AOV of $150 and a CPA of $4.

“You’ve stopped the AdWords bleeding (that my former AdWords agency caused)!”
Fred C. DuBois, President, Digital Day, Inc.

Interesting that no one – NO ONE – in the fledgling digital advertising industry at that time even thought of metrics such as AOV and CPA.  Except us.  We did because we came from the traditional advertising industry.  Being so well versed in the traditional side of things, we simply ported over our knowledge of marketing and advertising to the digital side.

We even have our own, proprietary Google AdWords Profitability Report

This report, exclusive to DMG, provides our clients (and us) with accurate, real-time net margin data.  The report shows the profitability of products sold by each individual AdWords keyword and Google Shopping product group.

That’s worth repeating…AdWords P-R-O-F-I-T-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y.


For any given keyword knowing exactly what it has generated in terms of not only revenue, but PROFIT, too.  That’s AdWords keyword-generated revenue, less ad spend, less COGS for any particular keyword.  Over any given time period.

Now, THAT’S a Google Certified Partner you’d love to be working with…right?

Feel free to inquire about DMG’s AdWords Profitability Report.

Or, Learn More about the AdWords Profitability Report.

DMG vs. Other SEM Firms

There are good ones.  And, bad.  We’ve heard the frightening stories.  Consider…

Google Certified Partner Agency DMG Philadelphia A very well-known, multi-national firm specializing in SEM went years with a higher CPA than the client’s target CPA.  Come to find out, the firm was using landing pages tor the wrong products for campaigns for the client’s 3rd most important product line!

AdWords Certified Partner Agency DMG Philadelphia A mid-sized law firm was set to hire an AdWords agency whose roots are in the yellow pages industry.  The firm called off the deal after discovering that the agency did not offer geographic exclusivity.  They were already handling multiple law firms within a 5 mile radius.  The law firm couldn’t imagine any business who would knowingly and willingly take on clients who are competitors within the same geo region.  (Neither can we.)

Think For A Minute

Do you honestly believe the big guys do not inevitably turn into sweat shops?  The leaders in the corner office are thinking about their own business’ growth, not yours.  Taking on as many clients as possible without increasing personnel expenses is one way to grow.  The young people on the front lines end up being responsible for more and more accounts.  We know this to be true.  Not in every instance, naturally.  But more times than one may think.

AdWords On Auto-Pilot: Critical Thinking Is Lost

What eventually happens is your AdWords campaign is set to auto-pilot.  Automated rules become too heavily relied upon.  They replace the critical, strategic thinking that humans add to the equation.  DMG is a Google Certified Partner…we don’t let things run on auto-pilot.

Big Agency Pricing?  Don’t Get Us Started

Minimums of $2500 and up?  Yeah, right.
Check out our pricing…you might find it more to your liking.

DMG follows, and accepts client that follow, Google’s AdWords Advertising Policies.

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