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DMG applies business strategy to Google Ads management. That’s one reason clients stay with us for years.

Most Google certified partner agencies of which DMG is aware are reputable. The worker bees diligently try to do a good job.

In too many instances, however, there is a sweatshop environment. Account managers are so overwhelmed trying to handle so many clients that it is difficult for them to not simply place campaigns on auto pilot. This leaves time then to attend to squeaky wheel clients. Think about the formula agencies use: add more clients + keep the amount of employees the same = incremental profit.

DMG has heard the horror stories:

“I haven’t heard from account manager in months”.
“I don’t know who actually does the work on my account.”
“We don’t get reports.”
“What am I getting for my 15% commission.”
“How do I know for sure they are squeezing every cent out of my spend.”

DMG’s roots are in the traditional advertising agency business, pre-digital. Things were more about making the client money first, and servicing the heck out of each client. No sweatshop mentality. DMG has carried that philosophy over to the digital side of things. Traditional love and care, not take-the-money-for-as-long-as-possible.

Google Certified Partner Agency
Michael DiPietro, Steve DiPietro

The Human Element

Google Ads On Auto-Pilot: Critical Thinking Is Lost

What eventually happens is your PPC campaign is set to auto-pilot. Automated rules become too heavily relied upon. They replace the critical, strategic thinking that humans add to the equation. DMG is a Google Certified Partner…we don’t let things run on auto-pilot.

Large advertisers. Small advertisers. DMG’s clients make money.

They also appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re doing business with people who truly care about helping to grow their businesses…earnest people of integrity and honor.

DMG vs. Other Google Certified Partners

There are good ones. And, bad.
We’ve heard the frightening stories.

  • A very well-known, multi-national firm specializing in SEM went years with a higher CPA than the client’s target CPA. Come to find out, the firm was using landing pages tor the wrong products for campaigns for the client’s 3rd most important product line!
  • Google Ads Certified Partner Agency DMG Philadelphia. A mid-sized law firm was set to hire an agency whose primary business had been yellow pages. The firm called off the deal after discovering that the agency did not offer geographic exclusivity. They were already handling multiple law firms within a 5 mile radius. The law firm couldn’t imagine any business who would knowingly and willingly take on clients who are competitors within the same geo region. (Neither can we.)
You’ve stopped the AdWords bleeding (that my former AdWords agency caused)!
Attorney Ken D.

Fred C. Dubois

President, Digital Day, Inc.

DMG Maximizes PPC Profitability

We even have our own, proprietary Google Ads Profitability Report

This report, exclusive to DMG, provides our clients (and us) with accurate, real-time net margin data. The report shows the profitability of products sold by each individual Ads keyword and Google Shopping product group. 

That’s worth repeating…P-R-O-F-I-T-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y. 

Imagine. For any given keyword knowing exactly what it has generated in terms of not only revenue, but PROFIT, too. That’s PPC keyword-generated revenue, less ad spend, less COGS for any particular keyword. Over any given time period. Now, THAT’S a Google Certified Partner you’d love to be working with…right?

Maximize PPC Profitability

Gain Some Insight

Getting The Most from Your Current Google Ads

A Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of $92 with an Average Order Value of $65 using Google Ads? You know that’s trouble. 

PLAs aren’t showing very frequently on Google Shopping? Think your current PPC partner agency is getting fat and lazy on your dime? 

22% Search Impression Share on your most profitable search term?

These are just a few of the many situations where DMG was called to step in. 

Makes you wonder… are you partnered with the best Google Ads agency?

Find Out Now

Comparison Shopping Engines

Historically, CSEs have been a headache to set-up and manage.
If you’re not careful, they can easily become time-suckers.

The issue is – from which comparison shopping engines do you get an acceptable return, on which products, during what season? 

To answer that question takes time. And patience. 

Below are some experiences – both positive and negative – we’ve had with comparison shopping engines on behalf of our clients. The morale of most of these stories is that testing is required to be able to determine which engines to use and which products.

DMG’s Heard Some Horror Stories…

  • A client whose point of differentiation is service, not lowest price, does well on 3 shopping engines for a couple of specific brands and not well at all with other engines. The ones that work great generate orders at a lower than average Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). The other engines generated unacceptably high CPAs for this particular merchant.
  • It was learned that just one shopping site had an audience that was even close to an apparel retailer’s. However, that one shopping engine produces generates a good amount of 1st-time orders at s lower than average CPA.
  • One client’s CPA through comparison shopping sites was a little high. The CPA potentially could have been reduced by implementing merchandising techniques to increase the Average Order Value (AOV). However, the client wasn’t interested in increasing the AOV. So, the feed had to be stopped.
  • One retailer’s sales process was heavily dependent on getting samples in peoples’ hands for evaluation prior to placing a full order. Those buyers who subsequently placed a full order could not easily be tracked back to a shopping engine without a lot of manual labor. So, there is really no way of knowing exactly how well the shopping engines perform in terms of full order sales. But, as far as samples, the program administered by DMG works great.
  • One client who had never previously used CSEs began to after DMGs recommendation. Sales skyrocketed, nearly doubling.


Making money via comparison shopping engines isn’t always easy. DMG can help.

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