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The Best Google Ads Agency Won't Let These Things Happen...

If you’re running into these sorts of common problems, you might not be working with the best Google Ads Agency possible.

Wasted Ad Spend

PPC managers add negative keywords. Business-minded marketing experts apply years of experience to stretch every penny.

Regularly adding negative keywords is a must, sure. It’s a requirement for every account. Pay per click ads that show up on searches that are undesirable for your business is one of the biggest signs of wasted spend.

(Quick tip: Want to find out if you are advertising on low quality or irrelevant search terms? Ask your agency for a 90-day search terms report to see what phrases you’re bidding on.)

BUT, Wasted Ad Spend Doesn’t Stop At The Keyword Level…

A PPC manager that is actively monitoring and optimizing your account should be looking out for things like…

(DMG) overlays real business experience over their services when most agencies pair you up with a junior resource.
Marketing Agency Testimonial

David Buggy

President & CEO
Strava Technologies

There is a major difference between a paid search guy (or gal) running through a daily optimization checklist for your account and an experienced digital marketer applying years of industry insight. Knowing where to look and what to look for is surprisingly hard to come by. It takes the experience of the best Google Ads agency to really maximize every dollar.

Falling Short Of Goals

Not exceeding KPIs might mean it's time to switch.

D2C brands with KPIs where:

Sales have increased dramatically since I started with (DMG). Don't waste your time or money with anyone else.
President CEO

Terry Rowlik

President & Founder
IQ Instrument Rentals
In 4 short months we are seeing a big increase in good leads as well as turning more of our PPC leads into revenue.
Marketing Agency Testimonial

David Buggy

President & CEO
Strava Technologies

Law firms or B2Cs where:

Bad Reporting

Data-driven business decisions aren't made using data... they're made using INSIGHTS.

Too much data. Not enough insight.

Tired of getting the same canned reports from your marketing agency? Fed up looking at the same data that you can get in Google Analytics?

Look, data is good, but your marketing agency should have actionable insights for your business. Such insights are the foundation for developing new strategies for fueling growth. Don’t settle for the same old reporting dashboard with a ton of PPC marketing metrics. As a client, you deserve to know:

We have used several marketing agencies before DMG and ended up in the same place - no ongoing proactive approach and getting the same canned reports I can get from Google Analytics.
Marketing Agency Testimonial

David Buggy

President & CEO
Strava Technologies

Inaccurate Conversion Tracking

The fact that conversions are often over-reported (or not reported at all) is a huge red flag…

In the vast number of cases (awareness campaigns excluded), conversions should be your business’ number one KPI. As such, it should be clearly and accurately recorded and reported. Too often, there are times where either…

ONE: Other digital marketing companies (big ones, too) overreport their conversion / sales metrics. It is not uncommon to uncover:

DMG spent a lot of time planning, analyzing and re-organizing our Google PPC to unwind some bad setup from previous agencies.
President CEO


TWO: The client’s Google Ads conversion metrics aren’t even provided at all. Those data should usually be front and center of every monthly report. Else, businesses cannot readily answer important questions such as:

Neglecting Proper Attribution Models

Improper attribution settings = WASTED ad spend.

Without proper attribution modeling (which channel gets credit, how much credit, and when) businesses struggle mightily to identify the most effective media for driving growth.

Imagine… Someone sees your company’s TV commercial 3x. Then, they click on your PPC ad while searching on Google. Retargeting campaigns show display ads to this person across the GDN and/or social media channels. Shortly thereafter, he/she Googles your brand’s name, clicks on an organic search result and converts.

Which marketing channel gets credit for driving the conversion? The TV buy? The PPC agency? The retargeting campaign? SEO efforts?

Chances are, your Google Ads Agency will report 100% credit for the conversion in the above example.

That not only misleadingly inflates PPC KPIs, but makes it nearly impossible to accurately gauge cross-channel marketing performance.

The result: mistakenly allocating budget to ad efforts that are doing much worse than they appear.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such little wasted spend in such a complex account.
Marketing Agency Testimonial


Google Ads Representative & Strategist

Ad Campaigns Running On Autopilot

Chances are, you're not getting the attention you deserve.

Paid advertising campaigns need be closely managed. Often, one of three things happens at your marketing management company that can have a negative impact on results.

Your agency is leaning on AI & ML way too much.

Google has fantastic software. Its AI can help predict which audience is most likely to be in-market for your product or service. It’s ML can optimize on-the-fly to show ads based on that data. BUT, such software should NOT be “in the driver’s seat.” If your campaign is lacking the human element, trust us, your campaigns will suffer. The best Google Ads agency knows when and how to use AI to maximize results.

Your paid search marketing agency isn’t being proactive.

Sure, most agencies have SEMs that will occasionally create a new campaign, write a few new ads here and there, add a few bid adjustments every few days… but is that really all there is to it? The answer is no. You want all of the above PLUS fresh ideas, new opportunities for growth, clever campaign tactics for improving performance… the difference between a paid search manager and a tried-and-true, traditional marketing agency.

You’re unsure what the heck happened.

Early on, you were impressed. Your agency brought out the big guns during the sales process. Onboarding went well. You were pleased with the early results only to see a decline in performance over time. Often, big name agencies will pass accounts down to junior level AEs at a certain point in time. The inexperienced AEs become overwhelmed with an increasing number of accounts to manage, the more experienced reps move up to larger accounts or go after “bigger fish,” and your account just slips through the cracks. The result? Your business doesn’t get the attention it needs, which leads to decreases in performance and poor results. Makes you think… did you hire an agency or a sales organization?

Best Google Ads Agency
In 2020, DMG was named by as one of the area's best Google Ads agencies.
Michael DiPietro, Steve DiPietro

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