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Search engine optimization is not the answer to all of your prayers. Better to consider it as one aspect of the overall advertising mix.

If you’re selling fruit, and ‘Macintosh apples’ is the key phrase with the most search volume, then consider a 3-month campaign for that phrase that could include not only search engine optimization, but also AdWords, Yahoo Search, Bing, online & offline PR, house list email, email and / or pmail to a rented listed, directories, cross-promotions, a special landing page, social media, etc.

The overall synchronistic effect should be greater revenue at a lesser investment of time and money.

While that campaign is generating cash flow, use some of that to launch a campaign for the next most important key phrase. And so on.

This is how to build a business online over time.

What DiPietro Marketing Group LLC always keeps in mind regarding web pages is that there are always two distinct audiences:

1.) humans, and
2.) search engines.

NJ-SEO, award-winning copywriting for a SEO-related page.

Copy (or, text or content, whichever you prefer) must be written not only to sell, but, in terms of search engine optimization, to speak to engines as well.

DMG calls the latter search engine food.

SEO pros use differing methods of feeding search engines. But, the basics are the same as far as key phrase density, positioning on the page, and a few additional criteria.

There are web developers who are very, very good at optimizing web pages. However, due to their technical background, they are not necessarily expert at writing copy that motivates prospects to do what it is you want them to do. So, one of the two audiences gets neglected.

That’s what makes DMG special. DMG employs professional copywriters for search engine optimization. It’s easier for marketing communications people to learn SEO then it is for technical people to learn marketing communications.

One more thing…DMG does not believe SEO should be looked at by itself. It is one of the spokes on the internet marketing wheel. Search engine optimization should be but one of numerous tactics that make up internet advertising campaigns, all working together toward one common objective.

Want to discuss this further? Give DMG a call at 888.331.0009, Monday – Friday, 8:30-5:30 Eastern. We’re here to help.

“DiPietro Marketing Group has a keen understanding of internet marketing and takes great care to construct a website that is professional looking while also garnering high positioning in the page ranks. They have always been available to assist our business with technical questions and marketing advice.  I would recommend DMG to anyone looking to further their business through internet advertising or online stores.”
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