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Legal Marketing Services To Deliver Quality Leads at Lower Costs…

Imagine, a single agency partner to trust for all law firm marketing efforts…

Legal Directories
(, etc.)
Local Directories
(Google My Business, Yelp, etc.)
Reviews, Call Tracking & More


A holistic approach to law firm marketing and advertising!

Wow, a blessing to mid-sized firms looking to:

One of the things that got my attention was the holistic approach.
Attorney Ken D.

K. DiMuzio

Partner, 28 attorney law firm

One Agency. All Media.

Consistent Message and Unified Approach

Unfortunately, many law firms that outsource to a variety of vendors find it unnecessarily challenging to achieve complete alignment of message and a unified approach to reaching objectives. In addition, there is the issue of having to deal with so many different sales reps, each with their own numbers to hit and their own agenda. Think about it: attorney marketing usually involves…


Do you, as a mid-sized firm partner, truly have the time and inclination to deal with it all?

Quality Leads & Cases, Reduced Costs

Consolidating some or all of your firm’s marketing and advertising efforts with DMG saves time, money and headaches.

All of which helps lead to quality leads and cases at reduced costs.

The Special Nature Of Law Firm Marketing

Standards governing attorney advertising place restrictions on communications of services most other business categories do not face.

Ethical standards, bar rules, etc., etc., make communicating a meaningful point of differentiation that resonates with the public a true advertising challenge.

Many agencies charged with generating qualified leads for law firms are experienced with online advertising media and techniques. Some agencies are heavy with legal experience. DMG offers a balance of expertise in strategic thinking, fluency in all media as well as respect and appreciation for the the hoops law firms need to go through in terms of promoting their businesses.

Further, multi-practice firms have yet an additional hurdle: how to promote various practice areas which may require different messages or brand personalities. For example, a full-service firm’s personal injury practice must be viewed as aggressive in efforts to win recoveries. Bankruptcy or elder law practice areas may need a more gentle perception.

Should a mid-sized law firm promote one image and one message? Or, should there be advertising messages and brand personalities that vary based on the practice area being promoted?

A law firm marketing and advertising partner such as DMG relishes such challenges.

Law Firm Marketing Services Provided By DMG

Also, please note that DMG is a professional advertising agency that accepts one client at a time from any individual business category. DMG is not a sales organization such as the usual legal field suspects that pitch every law firm in the book including the one right next door to you. You won’t find DMG soliciting your competitors. We believe in exclusivity. DMG’s clients know we care about them, that they have our full attention, and that we would never help grow a competitor’s business within the same trading area.

Would We Be A Good Fit?

Generally, DMG  is best suited for:

But, the best answer to this question begins with a phone call. Feel free to contact Steve Di Pietro