brand identity

Brand identity is more than just a logo.

It’s an overall cohesiveness between your visual identity, tone of voice and messaging. It’s how you relate to your audience and why they want to connect with you. It starts with research and strategy and ends with an amazing look and feel that will resonate with your audience.

Whether it’s just an update or an evolution you need or it’s starting from scratch, DMG has you covered.

Atlantic Switch and Generator LLC


Atlantic Switch and Generator LLC’s sales team needed something to leave in the hands of prospects (hospitals, apartment complexes, casinos, etc.) after making a sales call. The client requested a folder with pockets.


DMG instantly realized that there was no real corporate identity nor positioning. So, the agency researched the competition as well as questioned the client endlessly to obtain all information:

What claims were competitors making? What were the strategic positions to which competitors were laying claim? What was it that ASG is really selling? Why would any prospect choose ASG over any competitor? How did ASG see itself? How did current accounts? Etc.

Atlantic Switch & Generator Brand Identity

Armed with this and additional information, DMG solved the problem with strategic thinking…

/ Slogan (none previously existed) The Switch Is On
/ Options For An Updated Logo (client decided against an update)
/ New Personality (including new color scheme and fonts plus original photography)

…and creative execution…

/ New Business Kit – including a unique, highly memorable construction featuring a 9×12 folder with pockets, a business card slit, an 8.5×11 saddle-stitched 4-page brochure called Our Story, plus 3 free-standing, stepped down inserts.
/ Stationery and Direct Mail Post Cards
/ Advanced Responsive Website Design

Law Offices of Hoffman DiMuzio


Hoffman DiMuzio is a venerable, full-service law firm in the southern NJ and Philadelphia region. However, multiple positioning lines were in use across varying media, as well as multiple logo versions. And, there wasn’t one, consistent look and feel.


DMG proposed a corporate identity exploration in order to firmly establish the positioning line (slogan), personality and look and feel.

Corporate Identity

Tri-County Exteriors LLC


Tri-County Exteriors LLC is a large roofing & construction company servicing the Tri County area in Pennsylvania, but they had no identity to speak of.


A branding effort from scratch based on roofing angles (their main business), including the slogan Your Trust Matters To Us.

Tri County Exteriors Brand Identity

Climate Mechanics


Climate Mechanics is a successful, modern heating and air company servicing southern New Jersey who’s identity was stuck in the past.


A branding effort including Logo, color palette, custom icons and patterns, tag line Indoor Air Comfort For Less, and advanced responsive web design.

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