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Your Brand / Business Needs A Programmatic Advertising Agency

Programmatic media buying is the use of data insights and algorithms to bid in lightning fast real-time speed for advertising space or time, then to instantaneously serve ads or commercials to high-value prospects, often through a programmatic ad agency.

Machine talking to machine, as some put it.

Software talking to software is probably more accurate, though.

The benefit: the ability for an advertiser to serve within a specific context a specific message to a specific audience – as narrowly defined as desired and based on the information of the person who is going to be served the ad.

Programmatic advertising results in much more effective (increased ROI ) and efficient (less wasted spend and time) media buying.

What DMG Likes Most About Programmatic Advertising

And You Should, Too...

Data & Advanced Targeting

Data is the heart of programmatic advertising. It is that upon which audience segments are built that are most meaningful to a brand or business. Precise targeting, down to an individual level. More efficient spending.

Full Funnel Attribution

From awareness on down to purchase, programmatic advertising allows for proper attribution across the entire media mix / customer journey. In one place.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Assets – multiple headlines, images, body copy, colors, dimensions, CTAs – all strategically thought through by the team. Software then learns and optimizes on the fly, figuring out in real-time which combination of variables to display to whom, where and when. Brilliant.

Global Frequency Capping

The ability to set the frequency with which one prospect or household will be served an ad(s). The frequency can be set globally, that is, one frequency amount for all media in the programmatic mix, combined, as opposed to each of the media individually. This allows for precise testing, and helps prevent ad wearout, too.

The Time Savings

Traditionally, there would be time spent manually researching, planning, and negotiating. Plus, insertion orders for each individual publication included in the buy. And, in some cases, review of affidavits after the flights. With programmatic advertising, there is still the requirement of overall strategic thinking and planning, as well as management and oversight. Someone still has to drive the bus. But, the time savings is significant.

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