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What Does Programmatic Media Include?

We’ve been asked numerous times what media is available to be bought via programmatic advertising.

Below is a quick list.

Connected TV

A TV connected to the internet. Ability to stream Over The Top (OTT) content. Currently reaches 59% of the US population. Expected to reach 63% 2023. Premium inventory available.

Linear TV

A TV that broadcasts scheduled programs in the traditional way.

Streaming Audio

Radio programming and podcasts delivered (streamed) over a data network to computers, tablets, smartphones as well as smart speakers via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Digital Display Ads

The online version of traditional print

Digital Video

Text ad or video ad placement before, during or after video content on, say, YouTube.

Native Ads

Content that looks similar to the editorial content of an online publication but is paid for by an advertiser

Social Media

Including influencers and micro-influencers.

Digital Out-Of-Home

Builds awareness to prospects in public places.

eMail Display Ads

Many of the most trusted publishers of email offer display ad space which can be programmatically bought.

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