Law Firm TV Commercials

DMG’s experience in TV lends itself to being such a valued holistic agency.

DMG’s experience in TV lends itself to being such a valued holistic agency. Its ability to work in both traditional and digital media allows for cohesion between marketing efforts regardless of medium. From PPC to Print Ads, DMG works fluently to maximize law firm leads at the lowest cost per acquisition possible.

TV is no exception.

With today’s digital landscape, many attorneys and law firms have made the transition away from traditional media and into digital. Rightfully so.

The days of the old yellow pages ads flooding law offices with qualified prospects are (almost) completely gone.

The race into SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media Campaigns, etc., is well underway, and has been for some time. The crew at DMG would know, they’ve been on that front from day one.

Nevertheless, TV is still a powerful medium for law firms looking to increase brand awareness and should be strongly considered as a viable addition to your firm’s marketing mix.

Are TV Commercials Worth It For Law Firms?

Let’s segment the typical law firm prospect into two audiences:

Both groups require different strategies when it comes to targeting and acquisition methods. The first can be targeted, among other ways, by using PPC campaigns. PPC campaigns driven by a Google Certified Partner, like those at DMG, can have tremendous results when done properly. Think about it: what better time to get in front of your audience than when they are searching Google for a phrase such as “best law firm near me.” That user is in need of counsel right now. But why let the second audience fall by the wayside?

Law firm TV campaigns are a great way to create brand awareness.

Why brand awareness? Well, is the likelihood that someone watching TV is in immediate need of a lawyer very high? Probably not.

But, with the right TV buy and a memorable, well-thought out TV commercial and creative strategy, prospects will remember your firm when the time does come to hire a lawyer.

The right TV buy with the right TV spot planned out by the right agency can have a significant impact on cases, as well as positively affect other campaigns such as SEO and PPC.

We see these results in the data: a good TV campaign for law firms can help drive unaided brand recall as proven by increases in online branded searches on Google. (i.e. how many people Google search “ABC law firm” when in need of a lawyer, as opposed to just “law firm near me.”

Creating The Right TV Commercial For Law Firms

There is a lot of time, effort and strategy that goes into a new TV campaign for attorneys.

Fortunately, DMG is well-versed in all phases of the process. From initial concepts, throughout the creative execution to copywriting, storyboarding, and production.

Most recently, DMG finished working on a new campaign for South Jersey’s largest full service law firm.

You can take a look at the samples below from the entire campaign; all three of the spots have been received with overwhelmingly positive responses.

Law Firm TV Commercials

Campaign Of 3 Spots…

Client: Hoffman DiMuzio
Agency: Di Pietro Marketing Group LLC
Production: GCV Productions

Campaign-wide Creative Strategy:
Differentiate: a cut above the typical law firm

Communications Objectives:
Honor, stature, integrity, trust

Creative Advantages:
Very clean, understated, open, visually appealing
Versatile; could (and will) use this look and feel for web video spots (:06 and :15s display video ads)

TV Buys For Law Firms

Why work with an agency for your law firm TV buy?

It’s important to get the right mix given your firm’s particular objectives.

TV Buys for law firms

Answers to those questions vary dependent upon a number of different factors. One thing that shouldn’t vary is the degree of confidence in your TV plan. With the right advertising agency, you won’t have to.

DMG’s been able to make immediate impacts on TV buys for law firms. In one particular instance, buying 2x the gross ratings points on the same budget!

Imagine, stretching your ad dollars on TV twice as far with the help of a qualified and experienced ad agency.

Ready to discuss more? You’d be surprised at how inexpensive reaching your audience on cable TV can be!