It is imperative, DMG believes, to understand the difference between design and art direction.

One can help increase conversion rates in a way the other may not.

Art direction is about a visual strategy that connects with prospects on an emotional level. An Art Director communicates a message by setting a tone, creating a mood, and psychologically appeals to the prospect. Art Directors take into consideration elements such as message, tone of voice, balance, eye movement, contrast, calls-to-action, etc.

An exceptional Art Director can bring a person nearly to tears through the choice of a font.

Design involves the execution of the unified vision. How will the vision be accomplished? For example, which colors should be used, to what degree, and where?

Not all designers are good Art Directors. But, Art Directors can design their own vision.

Art Directors have a fine art degree. Designers usually do not.

This isn’t to say all designers are bad nor all Art Directors are good. It is to say that, in DMG’s opinion, the chances of reaching objectives are increased when a piece of communications, including a website, has an Art Director’s involvement.

DMG has a keen sense for capitalizing on competitive differentiation as a foundation, then highlighting that difference with crisp, clean artwork & web design second to none.

Fred C. Dubois

President, Digital Day, Inc.

DMG uses Art Directors exclusively

We think it shows in our work as well as in the results we are able to achieve for our clients.

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