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Online. Offline. Holistic.

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC is fluent in both digital and traditional media. Thus, the tag line: Online. Offline. Holistic.

Originally from the traditional advertising agency side, Steve Di Pietro, founder and Managing Partner, was one of the very first marketers to begin to apply time-honored marketing principles to the web, beginning in the late 1990s.


To help SMBs with up to $50M in sales build business by applying tried-and-true marketing and advertising fundamentals to both digital and traditional lead generation and sales.

Key Differentiators

  • New York thinking, small agency pricing.
  • Personal attention from people who wake up in the AM and think: “What can I do today to make my client more money” instead of “What can I sell to my client today to make me more money”.
  • Honesty, transparency, accountability.
  • Inspiring work.
  • Can-do attitude.

Our Team

How DMG Is Set Up – The Three Legged Stool

1) Strategic Thinking…

The foundation upon which all marketing efforts are built.

2) Creative…

Art direction by traditionally-trained art directors skilled in visual communications. Copywriting that compels visitors to do what it is you want them to do.

3) Production…

Custom WordPress sites developed with the ability to speak to search engines.


The reality is that sales, leads, buy rate, bounce rate, cost per acquisition, etc. require all 3 disciplines. Determining which discipline is more important is like asking which leg is most important on a 3-legged stool.

How Clients Typically Use DMG

DMG is truly fluent is all media, both traditional and digital. From Google Ads  to TV.

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC DMG as the Marketing Department
For some clients, DMG is the agency within…the marketing department.

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC DMG as Specialists
For other clients, DMG runs certain media or activities, such as PPC or an affiliate program.

In all cases, DMG goes beyond the call of duty to deliver results.

Honestly. Ethically. On-Time. On-Budget.

And, With A Smile.

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