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DiPietro Marketing Group LLC has been increasing top and bottom line revenue with affiliate programs since the late 1990s.

Which 3rd-party affiliate program to use? The answer is based on a number of factors, and there are many trade-offs to consider…

/ How much are you willing to pay in terms of an upfront fee?

/ Would you rather pay a greater, one-time upfront fee to the 3rd-party web-based provider, and be required to keep less money in your account? Or, would you prefer to pay less upfront as a one-time fee, but be required to keep more of a minimum amount of money in your account balance?

/ How many affiliate-generated orders will it take each month to reach breakeven, and is that amount realistic?

/ What type of affiliate sites would be best for you?

/ To what degree do you have the time necessary to manage such a program, including the time to learn a 3rd-party system, recruit affiliates and to prepare creative for promotional campaigns?

Affiliate Marketing Management Manager Company
DiPietro Marketing Group LLC has been increasing top and bottom line revenue with affiliate programs since the late 1990s.

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC has first-hand experience with many of the first- and second-tier 3rd-party providers.

And, there are a lot of them out there. To name a few…

/ Affiliate Shop
/ AvantLink
/ Clix Galore
/ Commission Junction
/ Google Affiliate Network (formerly Performics)
/ LinkShare
/ PepperJam
/ Share A Sale

Well done. I like how the affiliate program is coming along.

Fred D.

President, Digital Day, Inc.

All it takes is time and money.

As with most things in life, affiliate programs take time, money and patience to grow.

It normally takes upwards of 6 months to build a decent base of affiliates (also known as publishers). A program is usually ready to begin to significantly contribute to both the top and bottom lines at around 12 months.

Affiliate Marketing Management Since 1998

In 1998, Steve DiPietro, as eCommerce Marketing Director for his employer, was the 60th advertiser to join the still-fledgling Commission Junction system.

In 2001, as Marketing Director for a large ecommerce retailer, his account was the largest advertiser on the CJ network.

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC is a very experienced affiliate program marketing management company. We know which 3rd-parties through which to run such programs and why. We also have in-house, dedicated affiliate program managers to competently generate promotional ideas, see projects through to on-time completion, and very importantly, provide on-target direction to our art directors for order-generating ads.

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