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Omnichannel Marketing For Lawyers



What is omnichannel marketing, why it’s important for law firms plus a free ebook download!

The marketing landscape for lawyers is ever-evolving, especially across digital channels. If the digital trend were a wave, it’s probably safe to say that most law firms are currently on it. The question now becomes how far can your firm ride it, and how to make the most out of your investment.

The answer in 2019 is cohesion; an integrated strategy implemented across a number of different channels and touch points.

While we have long known that consumers interact with brand sin different ways, the digital era has brought with it the power to be able to track and measure these complex interactions.

Complex interactions with brands and the ability to now track and measure them is important. If law firms can understand how prospects behave, then they can deliver great experiences regardless of advertising medium or user device.

What Is Omnichannel Marketing For Lawyers?

To better understand omnichannel marketing, let’s first take a look at its popular older brother, multichannel marketing.

Think about how simple things used to be for legal marketers… law firms could take out ad space in the yellowpages, throw on a call tracking number and pretty easily report on the effectiveness of the yellowpages as a medium.

That, in essence, is multi-channel marketing. Planning, executing, optimizing and evaluating campaigns by medium, like the yellowpages for instance.

Another example would be lawyers evaluating things like:

  • Website Leads
  • Paid Search Leads
  • Legal Listings (,, etc.)
  • Print Ads 
  • etc., etc.

The problem with looking at things like this is that prospects no longer behave in like this anymore. Consumers nowadays interact with brands in a much more complex way, which is why marketing efforts must also evolve.

Brand interactions no longer occur independently of each other. Consumers today have interactions with law firm brands across a number of different campaigns spanning a number of different devices. These campaigns and experiences must be optimized in 2019 by leveraging omnichannel marketing for lawyers.

Unlike multichannel, omnichannel recognizes that potential clients may start in one channel and move to another as they progress to a resolution when looking to hire a law firm. Firms must learn to make sure these complex ‘hand-offs’ between channels must be fluid for the prospect. Users are coming to expect this of brands.

For instance, instead of someone flipping open the yellowpages, prospects in this day and age may be interacting with firms across…

Omnichannel marketing for law firms is a philosophy that takes this into account and properly optimizes for it. By looking at the impact of the marketing mix as a whole, lawyers can start to understand and leverage different brand interactions and hand-offs between channels.

When law firms use omnichannel marketing properly, it can increase the prospect’s experience with the firm which ultimately increases conversion rates and increases brand loyalty.

For these reasons, it’s important law firms begin to understand and leverage omnichannel marketing in 2019. 

Looking For More On Omnichannel Marketing For Law Firms?

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What’s included in the omnichannel marketing for law firms ebook?

  • How user behaviors are changing marketing efforts.
  • Why omnichannel marketing is here to stay.
  • Omnichannel vs Multichannel – how to tell the difference.
  • Questions to help with omnichannel marketing.
  • Put in perspective: the right way to look at omnichannel.

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