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Transfer Ecommerce Store To BigCommerce

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[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or a variety of reasons, decided to have its ecommerce store transferred to BigCommerce. DiPietro Marketing Group LLC, long time agency for, was selected to transition the store from Volusion to BigCommerce.

Transferring a store isn’t exactly a piece of cake. It can be time-consuming and frustrating due to the variations in the way different shopping cart systems do things. For example:

* In Volusion, hiding a page has the effect of not showing that page in any navigation. However, it is still live; it can be linked to from a graphic, for instance. There have been many, many instances where our clients have wanted this done.

However, in BigCommerce, hiding a page will not only remove it from any navigation, the page can then not be linked to in any way, such as from a graphic you create.

* BigCommerce, has one built-in navigation system. Volusion has numerous. So, in Volusion, a category can be assigned to a nav section on the left side bar while a different category can be assigned to the main nav in the header.

I could go on as the differences are numerous. This isn’t to say that one shopping cart is better than the other; that really depends on needs. It is to say that there are very important features of one shopping cart system that do not translate exactly to another system.

DMG knows shopping carts. Call to discuss your needs and we can make a recommendation.

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DMG Is An Authorized BigCommerce Partner

DMG is a BigCommerce Partner






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