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DMG Selected as Affiliate Program Manager

LinkShare affiliate proram management


DMG will be transferring’s affiliate program from ShareASale to LinkShare within the very near future. SaveOnTapestries will be looking to DMG’s experience with LinkShare and Affiliate Program Management to boost their own program. Program Managers at DMG have become quite familiar with LinkShare and as an agency have even secured discounted rates that are then passed on to their client.

Making the transfer to LinkShare will be different than starting from scratch in that we will look to retain as many current affiliate accounts through the switch as possible. It can take up to six months to get a good Affiliate Program off the ground and the ability to convert sites currently affiliated thru SAS with over to LinkShare will likely provide an early boost in the program’s transition.

In part, a large reason why we have decided to advise our client to make the switch over to LinkShare is because of its interface, which gives Affiliate Program Managers much more control over the affiliate recruitment process. Specifically, once signed up with LinkShare you are provided access to all of its affiliates and their contact information, making it much easier to connect with potential publishers.

Another advantage of moving to LinkShare is that they boast a very large affiliate pool, especially in categories complementary to This lends itself well to our general strategy when initially commencing an affiliate project in that we wish to rapidly establish a large affiliate list, then strategically take the time to acquire the larger, most successful affiliate accounts. This proves to be an important approach seeing how often times the top 5% of affiliates can generate up to 95% of a companies’ affiliate-generated sales.

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