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Thanks For Stopping The AdWords CPA Bleeding

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“You’ve stopped the AdWords bleeding!”
President, Company Withheld For Client’s Competitive Reasons

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere are the facts at the time DiPietro Marketing Group LLC (DMG) was given control of a client’s Google AdWords account:

  1. the spend was running $20,000 per month
  2. the AdWords Conversion Rate was 2.6%
  3. the AdWords CPA was $34
  4. the store’s overall AOV was $100
  5. the spend represented 19% of the online ecommerce store’s revenue, and
  6. monthly AdWords orders accounted for 54% of the store’s total.

adwords agency
An AdWords cost per acquisition of $34 given the store’s Average Order Value of $100 was unacceptable to the client. The client dismissed the AdWords agency of record, and DMG was brought. The charge was to:

  • drive down the AdWords CPA 10%, and
  • on a $10,000 monthly spend, a rather significant decrease.

The time frame to accomplish the above AdWords objective was…NOW!

The results? By the end of month 4, DMG accomplished the following…

  1. the spend was reduce to an average of $9,200
  2. the AdWords Conversion Rate was increased to 3.1%
  3. most importantly, the AdWords CPA was reduced to $26.27.

That’s a….

* 23% decrease in the AdWords cost per acquisition
* 19% increase in the conversion rate.

In 4 months. (actually, it took less time than that.)

How did we do it?

Good question. Steve Di Pietro of DMG has been successfully harnessing the power of pay per click since 1998, long before Google even thought of AdWords. Through the combination of the following factors, DMG is able to deliver AdWords results.

traditional strategic advertising thinking
award-winning copywriting
intimate knowledge of experience with the ever-changing AdWords technical capabilities

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