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Product Branding Xtend Laptop Batteries



[dropcap]D[/dropcap]igital Day, Inc. engaged DiPietro Marketing Group LLC for a product branding project, branding a line of replacement laptop batteries.

PPC ManagementGenerally, the replacement laptop battery category is a commodity business. However, Digital Day has them made to its own specs, designed specifically to outperform its cheaper counterparts in both run-time as well as overall service life. Digital Day’s are manufactured using Samsung brand cells and Texas Instruments brand chipsets inside. The result is a laptop battery that runs longer in one sitting than cheap batteries, and will also have a greater life.

To distinguish the client’s product from the inexpensive competition, DMG began product branding with the name. The name selected is Xtend, which helps communicate the product’s primary, unique benefit – extended run time as well as extended service life.

For the next step of the product branding, DMG created the logo and positioning line, which you can see on this page. Both elements further communicate the desired message.

A website was then designed and produced as part of the product branding efforts, DMG’s layout and design clearly and instantly communicate not only the benefits of Xtend’s longer run time, but also managed to imply the sense of freedom that comes with a battery that is less reliant on power chords and electrical outlets. The product’s branding message is one that will resonate with consumers and potential distributors alike.

The new Xtend brand laptop batteries sold through fine retailers everywhere, including online at

DMG and its client Digital Day, Inc. are both quite confident that the product branding is strategic, well executed and there is every expectation the positioning will ultimately translate into strong sales numbers for the new brand.

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