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Mobile-First: Google Now Indexing Based On Mobile Content

Mobile-First Indexing Page Rank


Google’s mobile-first evolution continues.

Beginning November 2016, Google’s began a slow rollout of indexing based on the mobile version of a website.  Search results based on mobile content will be shown to all those using Google to search, including those on desktops.

Mobile-First’s Evolution

This most recent mobile-first indexing update comes on the heels of Google’s April 2015 move to increase search engine rankings for sites that are mobile optimized.

Prior to that, in late 2014, Google had begun visually highlighting mobile-friendly sites on SERPs.  It added the words “Mobile-friendly” in gray to a site’s listing.

Google’s Objective

Always committed to outside-in thinking, as any customer-centric organization would be, Google is simply following the usage habits of its legions of users.  Searches on mobile devices passed those on desktop in mid-2015.  Catering to its loyal base is a natural step.

Will Your Rankings Be Hurt?

In all honesty, probably not.  A website would have to be so far off base that it would have more issues than simply being ready for mobile-first.

mobile-first indexing But, to be sure, feel free to give us a call to chat about it.  We’d be happy to help.

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