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DMG Speeds Client’s Growth With Walmart Marketplace

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It took years of waiting. But, DMG was finally able to get client Digital Day Inc.’s ecommerce store onto the Walmart Marketplace. Early results have exceeded expectations.

The Back Story

As a way to grow and compete with Amazon and eBay, in 2009 Walmart began a trial marketplace, allowing other retailers to sell alongside its own inventory.  Walmart proceeded slowly and cautiously with just six merchants to start.   This helped ensure a smooth, trouble-free as possible roll-out.

By 2014, Walmart had expanded to an estimated 300 merchant retailers.  But, the only way to become a Walmart Marketplace merchant was to be invited.

Walmart opened up to more merchants in April 2016.  Having laid in wait, this is when DMG struck.

DMG jumped on an opportunity to apply for an invitation on behalf of its client.  The application was accepted.  An invitation to formally apply followed.  That application was accepted.

Early Results Surpass Expectations

Following a couple of months of set-up time, has seen incremental growth due to its Walmart Marketplace presence. In just a short period of time.

The growth certainly isn’t earth-shattering at this point. But, things are rather encouraging.

Marketplaces In General: A Great Way To Augment Growth

Amazon’s online marketplace has more than 2 million retailers.  eBay, 25 million.  (source: Internet Retailer)

There is also the relatively new Amazon Business marketplace, NewEgg and NewEgg Business.

DMG has its client Digital Day, Inc.’s on Walmart plus Amazon, NewEgg as well as the Google, Bing and Rakuten shopping engines.  These marketplaces and shopping engines help push the products it sells to those who need or want them.

DMG has been getting clients on marketplaces and shopping channels since the mid-2000s.  DMG helps:
walmart marketplace identify appropriate channels,
shopping engines sets up the accounts,
amazon marketplace works with its partner for feed management, and
newegg marketplace helps ensure CPA and ROI meet objectives.

For information on realizing profitable incremental growth through marketplaces, contact DMG today.

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