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LinkShare Affiliate Program Management

LinkShare affiliate proram management


[dropcap]L[/dropcap] had reached a point in its growth where a big time affiliate program made economic sense.

For numerous reasons, Commission Junction was recommended to our client; DMG first worked with CJ back in 1998. However, the CJ conversion tracking code is not easily integrated with Volusion, the ecommerce platform on which runs. CJ doesn’t really care all that much about the incompatibility. CJ leaves it up to the advertiser to write custom script to make its tracking code compatible with Volusion. This is a major headache.

So, over to LinkShare we go. LinkShare understands the fact that Volusion does not easily accept the conversion tracking code, and that an additional step isLinkShare affiliate proram management required to get the code to work. To its credit, LinkShare actually provides a Volusion-ready tracking code. Free.

Commission Junction and LinkShare have a differing fee structure, which affects the advertiser’s metrics in terms of what it will take to reach breakeven each month. This needed to be taken into consideration.

As of this writing, the affiliate program on LinkShare is up and running, and growing to the point where it should have a major, positive affect to both the client’s top and bottom lines.

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