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Integrating BigCommerce and Power Reviews

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For numerous reasons, DMG no longer offers the service of integrating Power Reviews with BigCommerce. Please feel free to contact DMG for any other ecommerce marketing needs.

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]igCommerce is a really good ecommerce shopping cart system. The company is young, hungry, responsive and on the ball. The shopping cart is one of the best we’ve worked with. And, we’ve worked on behalf of our clients with all of the major systems since the late 1990s.

However, like most shopping carts, it’s built-in product review feature leaves something to be desired. That’s understandable as shopping carts, including BigCommerce, have so many areas to be concerned with and need to keep up-to-date (shipping function, merchandising features, shopping engine integration, etc.) that it’s difficult for these systems to have the very best of every single thing.

The primary feature so many built-in product reviews do not offer is the ability to automatically push email messages to customers at a certain amount of days after purchase. These messages ask the customer for a product review, include an image of each product the customer bought, and link to the appropriate product review page.

Easy for the customer. Completely automated for the merchant.

In the area of product reviews, DMG recommends and uses for clients Power Reviews.  The Power Reviews Express product review plan is a low-cost, full-featured social commerce product review system that is perfect for many ecommerce online stores.

Integrating Power Reviews and BigCommerce can be tricky. DMG has the experience and depth of knowledge with the two systems to have Power Reviews integrated and fully functional with your BigCommerce store up in a minimal amount of time.

Recent clients for whom DMG has integrated BigCommerce and Power Reviews include:

Pricing is generally $395, but could be a little more depending on this, that and one other thing.

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC is an authorized BigCommerce partner designer and product reviews integration provider.

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