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landing page testing for Scientific Animations

lead generation landing page split test

The Scientific Animations logo design was finished. In fact, DMG won an award with this logo design. The client dictated the website design; these things is the client’s money, after all.

Now, it’s time to start generating leads and the fun part of lead generation: landing page testing.

Three pages were part of the test: the client-dictated home page design, plus two others designed by DMG’s Creative Director. Each page used the same messaging and offer. The difference was in the layout and color schemes.

The goal was to determine which layout and color scheme converted the greatest amount of visitors to leads. Leads in this case are those who make contact by completing  a contact form.

landing page testing

The original design and the 2 variations. Variation 1 had the
greatest conversion rate in the landing page test.

And, The Landing Page Testing Winner Is…

DMG’s alternate 1 design version out-pulled the other 2 versions, generating qualified leads at a 2.6% rate.

DMG’s alternate 2 test landing page generated a 1.53% conversion rate.

The control, the client-dictated design, generated nothing. It had a 0.0% conversion rate.

See the landing page with the greatest conversion rate.

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