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Social Media Engagement: Variety Is Key

social media engagement key: variety

Among articles advising best social media engagement practice, one commonality persists: add variety.

All too often, a digitally timid company will reluctantly dip their toes into the non-stop media stream with some press releases and, if being particularly daring, branded content from the company site.

Perplexed, they wonder why followers aren’t flocking.

Social media accounts should comprise of more than a row of traditional advertisements. There is an adage that if you want a following, be somebody (write a bestseller, be Coca Cola, star in a movie etc.). For those of us who aren’t quite there, strategy is integral to our success.

Consider your audience, and for added context, your own personal taste. Why would you follow a page that merely pats itself on the back? How does your newsfeed benefit from an extra slew of declarations encouraging you to “buy our product?” Those company articles and press releases are necessary. They drive your audience to your likely goal: the website and a sale. The catch is that no one will see this important content if they’re not regularly interacting with your posts.

To have a successful social media presence, interaction is key. When followers engage with content, they’re more likely to visit your site and/or make a purchase (

So how do you create an engaging page?

Users understand their relationship to a company.  They are not easily swayed by advertisements making aggressive claims, and lauding low prices.  Creativity dominates the best of advertising.  Create an image and sell that. Successfully make your name memorable.  Associate your brand with your chosen ideals.  The most any business can hope for in a potential customer is that they’ve heard their name and, maybe, even have a vaguely positive association with it. Reiterating press releases accomplishes none of these feats.  Consider your company voice and brand, and venture into the conversation you’re missing.

External content increases social media engagement on a page.  Articles, videos, and photos that relate to your business and industry should be shared, particularly if you did not create them.  Any content that is of interest to your potential customers is fair game and deserves mention.  In the interest of improving engagement, respond to comments, and join existing online discussions; it’s one of the few methods available to actively demonstrate an interest in feedback.

By straying from the company-only megaphone, companies project to their followers that their brand message is at a conversational volume.

Now, some may inquire as to whether too much external content can be equally as harmful to engagement as posting entirely owned content.  In response, what I can offer is that the only way to find the ideal mix is to begin posting.

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