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DiPietro Marketing Group LLC is an authorized Volusion reseller and Volusion web design shop.

DMG first began recommending the Volusion ecommerce system in 2007, and is fully experienced with all aspects and nuances: the extent to which it can be customized, product & category set-up, real-time shipping rates; page optimization; discounts & promotions; volusion web designsetting up comparison shopping engine feeds, etc.

One of the questions both new ecommerce stores and those looking to transfer to a new system ask DMG most frequently: is Volusion right for my business? Yes, DMG can provide an unbiased assessment and recommendation.

Volusion is a well-established, rock-solid shopping cart system. However, as do all such systems, it does have its flaws. So do all of the major shopping carts: BigCommerce, AmeriCommerce, GoECart, Magento, Love Those Gift BasketsShopify, etc. The real question is:

>>> What trade-offs are you willing to make?

Some carts allow for a lot of design customization and flexibility, providing the means to, say, customize the cart and checkout pages exactly the way you need or want them to be. But, the process of working with product feeds for Google Shopping / Product Listing Ads PLAs is a time consuming royal pain.Majestic Mailboxes and More

Some have good reporting features while others have no clue what marketers need from their reports. Some have very intuitive admin interfaces while others are as if a web developer designed the user interface instead of a communications professional.

There are shopping carts that are extremely easy to work in. But, setting up product categories must be done manually, by hand, Healthy You Webinstead of via a file. (Try the simple task of entering such mundane things as meta tags by hand on such an ecommerce system when you have a couple hundred categories and sub-categories.)

If you have products that ship UPS or FedEx, and shipping rates are calculated in real time *and* you have overweight or oversized items that need to ship FTL freight *and* you want to charge the customer a flat $99 let’s say for anything shipping FTL, and the customer orders 1 of each – an item to ship UPS + one to Healthy You Homeship FTL, how will the ecommerce system handle this? Will it show the customer *both* shipping rates: UPS and the $99 flat FTL rate? Will one rate simply override the other? If so, which one? Would the customer have to be bothered and inconvenienced to have to purchase the items separately, on 2 separate orders?

Let’s have a discussion about your particular needs. DMG is not married to any particular cart; all online shopping systems are our oyster. We can then will provide a report on what your options are, the advantages and disadvantages of each option, along with a recommendation including the rationale behind it.All Green Janitorial products

And, once the store is ready and open for business, DMG can help build business via Online Marketing.

How We Help As A Volusion Reseller

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    • Volusion Web Design
    • Store set-up including products, email order / shipping notifications, state sales tax, shipping, merchant account
      integration, etc.
    • Custom pages
    • Page optimization
    • Initial training

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Sample Volusion Stores

LaptopBatteryExpress.com – positioning line, logo design, award-winning web design, Flash animation, store set-up, on-going site maintenance, on-going advertising
All-GreenJanitorialProducts.com – logo design, web design, store set-up

Alpec.com – positioning line, logo design, web design

AnchorBayTile.com – store set-up, on-going site maintenance

APAthletics.com – store set-up, Flash animation

AsianSupermarket365.com – positioning line, logo design, web design

FaucetFarm.com – site graphics, store set-up

GNRcatalog.com – web design

GodfatherAirsoft.com – web design, store set-up

GodfatherPaintball.com – web design, store set-up

HealthyYouHome.com – web design, store set-up

HealthyYouWeb.com – web design, store transfer & set-up

IQInstrumentRental.com – positioning line, logo design, web design, store set-up

LifestyleVitaminSupplements.com – competitive analysis, pricing strategy, strategic positioning, award-winning logo design, ecommerce store set-up, on-going store maintenance

LoveThoseGiftBaskets.com – positioning line, award-winning logo design, web design, store set-up, on-going site maintenance, on-going advertising

MajesticMailboxes.com – positioning line, logo design, web design, store transfer set-up, on-going site maintenance, on-going advertising

TablesChairsBarstools.com – positioning line, logo design, web design, store set-up

WheyLow.com – store transfer & set-up

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