ecommerce store setup

“DiPietro Marketing Group got it right the first time. I was very pleased how Steve listened, presented, and incorporated my business plan into a fully functioning no frills business model. Steve’s background in music and marketing enabled me to express my ideas without having to explain myself several different ways. I would definitely recommend DiPietro Marketing for all of your business needs.”
Dr. W. Terry Rowlyk, President,

Ecommerce store setup is maddening.

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC is numb to it.

You can rely on DMG to take this manual labor off your hands.

Having set-up ecommerce stores for years now, DMG knows the ins and outs, the best and fastest ways to do it. There’s corners that can be cut to get the ecommerce business up and running yesterday and you’ll be pleased, but the corner cutting will hurt in the long run in terms of both search engine indexing and buy rates. It can be done right for long-term benefits, but that costs a bit more and will take a little longer.

You make the call.

What’s Involved…


* Integrating a responsive web design as a template into the system.
* Navigation set-up.
* Trust-building icons (credit cards accepted, BBB, industry associations, hacker safe, SSL, etc.)
* 3rd-party newsletter sign-up box such as Constant Contact or whichever 3rd-party email marketing system you might want to use.
* Form building, such as a contact us form.
* FAQs page – thinking this through as it relates to your particular business, writing / editing, setting up the page.
* Set-up and basic optimization of static content page (About Us, etc.) using content you provide, or DMG will write / edit.
* Other content pages for which content is provided. Or, DMG will write and optimize.
* Customer Service (a/k/a Help) page set-up.

Orders & Payment

* Credit card merchant account / payment gateway set-up / integration.
* Configuring shipping options & rates / carrier backend integration for display of real-time rates, if applicable.
* Configuring state sales tax.
* Setting up customer payment methods (MC, Visa, AmEx, Discover, eCheck, check by mail, order by fax, pay by money order, order by purchase order)
* Setting up gift certificates, if applicable.
* Customizing email order confirmation message.
* Customizing email shipping confirmation message.
* Setting up any coupons or discount codes tied to launch.


* If not provided in a proper format, gather all product info (name, description, weight, photos, UPC, wholesale cost, SRP, selling price, etc.) from mfrs / distributors and set-up in a CSV file for importing.
* Construct individual product pages.
* Configure product categories based on category names you provide.
* Select the best way to display product options (there are a few ways options such as size, color, etc. can be displayed to the customer).
* Assign testimonials to appropriate products so each testimonial displays with the corresponding product, if applicable.
* Enter 3rd-party related info such as category name for the individual comparison shopping sites (such as, as well as QuickBooks-related info.
* Editing images that may need it (re-size, lighten, darken, crop, focus).
* Setting up multiple pricing levels, if applicable.

Basic Search Engine Optimization

* Write product names properly following DMG’s Product Naming Convention to maximize the potential for products to be found in search engines and comparison shopping engines.
* Meta tags (title, description, keywords) for each individual product based on key phrases you provide, or that DMG analyzes and writes.
* Meta tags (title, description, keywords) for each individual product category based on key phrases you provide, or that DMG analyzes and writes.
* Alt image tags for each individual image based on key phrases you provide, or that DMG analyzes and writes.
* Enter page URL for each individual product which include appropriate key phrases based on key phrases you provide, or that DMG analyzes and writes.
* Entering meta tags for the static pages of the site (About, Contact, Customer Service, etc.) based on key phrases you provide, or that DMG analyzes and writes.

eMail Accounts

(employee accounts such as info@, orders@, etc)
* Setting up email accounts.
* Testing

Googlization a/k/a Web Analytics

* Start a free Google Analytics account and integrate the site with that program (unless there’s a different analytics program to be used).


* Place test orders to ensure everything is operating properly.

Domain Pointing
* Contact domain registrar to have the domain name pointed to store’s servers.

Initial Training
* Orders:  sending shipping confirmation messages with tracking codes; status (new, pending, partially shipped; shipped); shipping label printing; batch processing; etc.).
* Product:  inventory tracking;  price changing; etc.
* Reports
* Entering phone /mail orders.