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New Profitability Report Reveals Advertisers’ AdWords Profit Margins

AdWords Profit Report


Now, Advertisers Can Maximize AdWords Profit Based On COGS With DMG’s AdWords Profitability Report

Marlton, NJ   5 October 2016     DiPietro Marketing Group LLC ( today announced the availability of a new service that, for the first time, allows ecommerce advertisers to discover true AdWords profit margins.  Prior to this, the best an advertiser could do was to use Google AdWords reporting, which considers only ad spend and revenue generated.  The AdWords Profitability Report adds to the equation the advertiser’s actual cost of goods sold.  The result: customized, truly meaningful data that will help advertisers optimize and maximize their AdWords advertising like never before.

“If there is one thing that is missing from Google AdWords, it’s that it cannot integrate a merchant’s actual COGS into its reporting”, explained Steve Di Pietro, Managing Partner of DiPietro Marketing Group LLC (DMG).  Our AdWords Profitability Report does.  Factoring in COGS reveals AdWords profit margins generated by each individual keyword and Google Shopping product group.”

Customizable Spreadsheet Plus Actionable Analysis

The Report contains two parts: a highly customized spreadsheet as well as an actionable analysis.  The spreadsheet features:

AdWords Keyword Profitability Keyword and match type (or Google Shopping product group),
AdWords Keyword Profitability Revenue generated (by keyword and totals),
AdWords Keyword Profitability AdWords spend (by keyword and totals),
AdWords Keyword Profitability COGS (by keyword and totals),
AdWords Keyword Profitability Profit margin ($ and %, by keyword and totals),
AdWords Keyword Profitability Programmable date range, and
AdWords Keyword Profitability Data sorting and advanced filtering.

AdWords Profit Spreadsheet

A screenshot of DMG’s AdWords Profitability Report spreadsheet, It includes keyword and match type, revenue, spend, COGS, and profit by dollar amount and percentage.

DMG also provides sophisticated, in-depth analysis of what the AdWords Profit Report data means.  Not just the What, but, the What It All Means and the What To Do About It, too.

Pricing And Availability

DMG’s AdWords Profitability Report is out of beta and is now available to ecommerce advertisers.

Pricing for 30-day online access to the Report’s spreadsheet is $595 through October 31, 2016.  It is $795 thereafter.

Both 30-day online spreadsheet access and a written analysis is $1,495 through October 31, 2016, and $1,995 thereafter.

Online access to the spreadsheet is also available on a month-to-month basis at custom, reduced rates with no contract requirement.

For all of the details, interested parties may visit, call 888.331.0009 (ET), or write momentum (at) dipietro (dot) biz.

About The Company

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC is a full-service traditional and digital marketing agency based in Marlton NJ serving clients nationwide.  The agency specializes in paid search, organic and design for medium-sized ecommerce and service businesses.  DMG is a Google Certified Partner Agency.

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Robin Smith
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