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Reaching A Qualified Audience With Programmatic TV Advertising For Law Firms

Programmatic TV For Law Firms

Pinpoint The Most Likely Prospects With Programmatic TV

Leverage the latest in AI and ML advertising capabilities to ensure you’re reaching the right audience at the right time with the right message.

How Does Programmatic Work?

Advanced targeting tactics and real-time bidding are used to target audiences likely to be in need of a lawyer to get the right message in front of the right audience at the right time.

The Key Takeaway: Programmatic TV uses real-time bids to show your commercials to your audience, regardless of what program they are watching, when they are watching, and how they are watching. In comparison, traditional TV requires advertisers choose a combination of networks, dayparts, and programs in attempt to reach its audience in hope that the audience happens to be tuned it to the particular program or network when the firm’s commercial ran. 

Major Benefits Of Programmatic Media For Law Firms

  1. Data-driven targeting
  2. Real-time bid optimization
  3. Full-funnel attribution
  4. Multichannel scale and reach
  5. Brand safe
  6. Intelligent insights
  7. Granular geotargeting



Track and measure results. After a person is shown the firm’s commercial, it is possible to track website visits, mobile click-to-calls, website form submissions, and in-store visits to effectively gauge performance.

Target your audience by zip code. No more wasted spend from needing to run commercials in large geos like DMA, city or county. Target the areas that are most important for your business.

Where Can Programmatic Ads Run?


  • Connected TVs (CTV)
  • On-Demand Programming
  • Streaming Platforms
  • Over-The-Top Setboxes (OTT)
  • Linear TV (where available)

The advantage? To reach the right audience at the right time across multiple touchpoints.

So, How Is Programmatic TV Better Than Traditional TV Advertising For Law Firms?

A quick example…

Linear TV Buys For Law Firms:

  *Hope* your target audience watches the shows and networks in your schedule.

  *Hope* they are watching at the time your commercial ran.

  *Hope* they will soon be in need of a lawyer and remember to call your firm.

Programmatic TV Buys For Law Firms:

  *Know* you’re reaching your audience with advanced targeting capabilities and   massive third-party data sets.

  *Know* that they’re seeing your commercial because you’re buying views against an actual user, not impressions on a particular network or program.

  *Know* that they’re likely to be in need of a lawyer by leveraging behavioral   analysis capabilities and the latest in AI and Machine Learning tech.

Launching A Campaign With DMG

DMG is regarding as one of the Top Legal Marketing Companies, and is fully capable of proposing a custom campaign to help hit your business’ objectives.

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