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Cookieless Advertising: 4 Quick Tips In Plain English

Cookieless Advertising Tips

No more cookies?! It’s been a while since marketers were this upset over missing cookies. Fortunately, we’ve been working towards a cookieless advertising solution. (temper tantrum avoided!)

The key = building and using first-party data. Then, layering with complimentary third-party data sets. Finally, running cookieless advertising campaigns programmatically.

Here Are 4 Tips For A Cookieless Advertising Strategy

ONE: Build A Sitewide Tagging Infrastructure

How: have a web developer install Google Tag Manager. Then, have a data analyst make sure first-party cookies are being tracked for all of your most important conversions.

Why: to collect info that users share when they interact with your website.

Insight: this seems obvious, I know. You might be thinking “I already have this set up!”… You’d be surprised, though, how many clients aren’t tracking ALL of their site’s important events. (or, think they’re tracking them but find that the tracking is misconfigured or suboptimal)

TWO: Incentivize Logging In

How: Get creative. “Sign up for our newsletter” is boring. “Download our ebook” is stale. Do they work? Sure. Scalable? Ehhh. Unique? Definitely not. Think outside the box, then test it!

Why: Creating an account at checkout / signing up for a newsletter / entering your email to get a coupon code will only ever convert x% of website visitors. The additional y% requires some strategy. (always chase that y%!!)

Insight: First-party data is earned, not given. Ask yourself… what can my business offer in exchange for someone’s information? You’re asking for personal information, so you should offer something good!

THREE: Leverage Partnerships

How: make a list of non-competitor brands that may compliment your business. Then, consider a B2B partnership or deal to help build up your first-party data and reach a broader audience.

Why: you’ll need a viable way of reaching prospects separate from those who have already visited your website.

Insight: this is going to become very popular. We’re already starting to see it… GoPro & Red Bull… Pottery Barn & Sherwin-Williams… brands who are not in direct competition with each other but whose audience segments are very much aligned.

FOUR: Pivot To Programmatic

How: retain a programmatic ad agency (such as DMG). They can optimize your marketing budget. Objective = cut wasted spend. Then, reallocate dollars to programmatic media.

Why: programmatic media platforms often come equipped with access to third-party data aggregators. Advertisers can tap into massive data sets with relative ease.

Insight: there are dozens upon dozens of programmatic advertising platforms. Each have advantages and disadvantages. Some will be a great fit for your unique objectives. Many will not. The major benefit of working with an agency (ehemm… *DMG*) is experience and expertise. They know what to look for in order to maximize ROI.

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