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Monthly Marketing Report Using Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

DMG Using Google Data Studio For All-In-One Reporting Dashboard

Struggling to answer the question of what are your (or your client’s) advertising dollars getting you?

It can be hard to tell with some of your major KPIs spread out over multiple different locations either a) online b) buried in your agency’s monthly reports or c) not visible at all with what accounts you have currently set up.

If you’re at all familiar with where certain online KPIs can be found, then you’re probably accustomed to looking in places like Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Console, etc.

It’s hard digging around all places and still manage to make sense of it all. If you’re an agency, it’s even more difficult to put it in a concise, yet thorough monthly report (that actually gets read, ha!).

Enter Google Data Studio for setting up monthly marketing reports; a customizable reporting dashboard that pulls in data from multiple different sources, such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Search Console
  • YouTube
  • BigQuery
  • Attribution 360
  • Google Sheets

Google Data Studio Monthly Marketing Reports

DMG’s been working with Google’s new Google Data Studio to set up really easy-to-read, easy-to-use monthly marketing reporting dashboards for its clients.

From within Google Data Studio, DMG creates for its clients a custom, interactive monthly marketing report dashboard that clearly provides helpful metrics like eCommerce or Lead Gen statistics, AdWords Reporting and SEO Reporting.

Importing Other Data Sources Into Your Monthly Marketing Report

Google Data Studio allows users the ability to import data from other reporting sources, as long as you import the data as a Google Sheet.

That’s huge for businesses that tally some data using offline tools such as Excel or online reports not automatically tracked by Analytics, in particular.

For instance, a client who obtains reports from individual vendors including metrics on individual advertising campaigns or media can import those reports into one dashboard now using Google Data Studio.

Example: tracked calls or total leads from a particular source could be imported into Google Data Studio.

Example: if your company still uses an intake sheet when clients come into a physical office location, that data can be entered as well.

Tracking Online Revenue In Data Studio

Data Studio is great for clients who sell a product online and have enabled in Google Analytics the ecommerce tracking feature. This allows users to import really important revenue metrics into Google Data Studio.

ecommerce monthly marketing report

DMG’s eCommerce Report Setup in a Monthly Marketing Report from within Google Data Studio for one of its clients.

Related: Looking to track actual profitability of AdWords campaigns? Check out DMG’s new Profitability Report that incorporates COGS to show true profit margins (great for ecommerce businesses!)

Easily Sharing Access To Google Data Studio

New users can log into Google Data Studio using their Google Analytics login. From there, you’ll see a few sample reports that show the type of data that’s accessible within the monthly marketing report dashboard.

There are also some free templates available, too, which are nice. If you’re thinking of utilizing data studio for your business, we’d suggest starting off with a template first, then making any modifications from there.

Keep in mind, though, that there is a little bit of a learning curve. Once getting the hang of things, simple tasks like adding bar charts and line graphs get to be pretty easy. Importing new data sources, though, not so much.

DMG’s Own Data Studio Monthly Marketing Report

DMG’s taken on the learning curve head on and already has successfully gotten a few clients up and running on Data Studio. We’ve found it’s a great way to compile key metrics in one place, making monthly reporting a breeze.

Just one, simple, clean dashboard that shows all a client’s most important data points, such as:

  • Revenue, transactions, AOV, Conversion rate
  • Users, sessions, bounce rate, pages / session
adwords monthly marketing report

DMG’s AdWords section in Google Data Studio for a client’s monthly marketing report.

Revenue by channel, by device, by location

  • AdWords data such as total conversion value, all conversions, cost / conversion, conversion rate, etc.
  • AdWords performance by campaign, by campaign type, by adgroup or by keyword
  • Organic data such as organic users, top organic keywords, organic revenue, etc.

DMG provides all this great data in one simple, easy to use dashboard. We also send monthly insights and highlights as to what the data actually means and what to do about it, too.

If you’re using Google Data Studio, let us know what features you like or what you don’t like. Have any questions about the metrics we use, specifically? Give us a shout, we’d love to hear from you.

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