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Volusion Simplified Checkout Reduces Calls For Help

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Volusion ecommerce shopping cart system is one of the better ones available, in our opinion, for small and even some mid-market online retailers. One of the improvements Volusion has made as an option for its merchants is a streamlined checkout process called Simplified Checkout.

Volusion’s Simplified Checkout…

…is an optional enhancement designed to discourage shopping cart abandonment via improvements on both the cart and checkout pages. Whether it knows it or not, Volusion has also done a DMG client a huge favor with this feature. By DMG implementing and customizing this feature, customer phone calls for both cart and checkout page help have been noticeably reduced for client

Put very simply, the old cart and checkout pages were a bit convoluted and confusing for the shopper. Of the elements that caused issues, the most significant for DMG’s client was the fact that, though there was a Checkout With PayPal button on the cart page, there was none on the following page, the checkout page.


DMG customized the Volusion checkout page by adding PayPal as a payment method option. When selected, the yellow PayPal button displays. This ended shopper confusion and reduced calls to the store’s customer service.

Many customers missed the familiar yellow Checkout With PayPal button on the cart page. When they got to the next page, checkout, they were frustrated by the fact that they had taken the time on the checkout page to enter all of their billing and shipping information, taken the time to determine which shipping method to select based on delivery date needed, just to get to the Payment Method section on the same page and discover PayPal wasn’t an option. The result? A phone call that a customer service rep needed to take the time to answer.

While setting up the Simplified Checkout feature, DMG was asked by if it was possible to add the Checkout With PayPal button at the end of the checkout page, near the placement of the Payment Information section, so that the button would be on both the cart as well as the checkout pages.

DMG went one step further; it customized the checkout page even more by adding PayPal as an actual option to the Payment Information dropdown box. Now, should the shopper miss the Checkout With PayPal button on the cart page, that method is readily available as a payment method on the subsequent checkout page along with the usual methods such as credit card and PO number.

Here’s the best part: when a shopper selects PayPal from the payment method dropdown, the familiar yellow Checkout With PayPal button automatically displays as the next step. Very cool.

Enabling the Volusion Simplified Checkout feature is well worth it as it streamlines the checkout process by reducing confusion on both the cart and checkout pages. Customizing both those two pages to keep within the design template is a must, too. And, further customization, such as what DMG did by adding PayPal as an actual payment option, makes a good thing even better.

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