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tweets to show in google results



[dropcap]T[/dropcap]witter is fading. That was the word in a recent seminar, according to our sources.

But, not so fast.

Bloomberg reported earlier this month that Twitter has struck a deal with Google to make its 140 character Tweets more Tweets To Show In Google Resultssearchable online. With access to Twitter’s firehose, Tweets made by the social media firm’s 248 million users will soon be automatically visible in Google’s search results.

Twitter gets more opportunities for eyeballs, and, thus, the potential for greater ad dollars. Google gets instant access to a much broader amount of content that is the finger on the pulse of the world.

Increased desirability for advertisers?

Digital advertising agencies and marketers should sit up and take notice. Real-time results means greater opportunities for real-time offers as well as timely, lead-generating content.

Twitter shares have jumped about 17% since the news and the time of this post writing.


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