organic marketing

As with many things digital, ask different agencies the definition of organic marketing, and you'll likely get varying responses.

Here is DMG’s definition of organic marketing:

Generating qualified website traffic by means other than paid media to the end of increasing leads and / or sales.

There are 3 primary channels:

  1. Search engines
  2. Social media
  3. Referred traffic, the result of blogs, guest blogging, directory listings, link building, etc.

Content is what drives organic marketing

What drives each of the organic marketing channels for the most part is content. Organic marketing is the means by which content is published, or, merchandised, as DMG prefers to say.

Some like to think of content as a stand-alone effort: Pay $10 for 300 words of copy. Then, post that copy to an in-house blog. Follow that with the use of snippets to be used for a Tweet and a Facebook post. And, that’s about it…no tie-in to any overall plan. No coordinated effort with other media.

DMG always advices its clients to think in broader terms. For example:

Spring is coming, a time when there tends to be more car accidents. Law firms can and should plan an entire campaign around that key phrase, including the use of a series of original, informational content. That content then can be merchandised via organic marketing channels as listed above. Paid media should be part of the plan as well as a coordinated, multimedia effort generates a bigger bang for the buck.

For additional examples and to learn more, see using content to drive qualified organic marketing.

Organic seo

SEO involves a process for which the desired result is to obtain the highest organic ranking on search engine results pages. It is a never-ending endeavor. There are a few means by which SEO is carried out.

Social media

Social media help create signals which can positively affect search engine visibility. Further, social media is a way to promote word-of-mouth, increase top-of-mind awareness, even perform a service for customers or clients. Discover how DMG helps clients use social media effectively.

How to get started

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