content marketing

Someone is need of an elder law attorney for a family member. For what insightful information would she be searching the web?

What questions would a teenage girl have who is in need of a prom dress?

How can mutual funds be compared, apples-to-apples?

What products, supplies and equipment would I need to restore a 1971 Buick Riviera boat tail?

Think of your business…what types of helpful, savvy information would someone be looking for who may need or want what you’re selling?

Content marketing builds emotional bonds

Original, highly relevant content helps forge emotional bonds with prospects.

By nature, when people invest time in anything, they instinctively desire a return. Reading what you have to write is an investment of someone’s time. The ROI in people’s minds is “Eureka! I’ve found a trusted source”.

*You* have helped. *You* did not waste the reader’s time. *You* become the trusted source. *Yours* is the company with whom the reader will most likely wish to do business, all things being equal. In fact, 60% of people are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it, according to a recent Demand Metrics survey.

Content marketing drives organic marketing

Original, informative, relevant content is the engine that drives organic marketing: house blogs, off-site blogs, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, email campaigns, ebooks, etc.

Content as part of the overall media mix

A content plan can be based simply on a key phrase. “We need to rank for “European tapestries”. And, so begins the effort to create content toward the end of at least 1st page search engine results page ranking.

However, DMG believes content marketing should not be a stand-alone effort. Rather, there is more mileage, greater bang for the buck when it is part of a broader, coordinated advertising plan. For example:

* Winter is a time of increased slip and fall accidents. Personal injury law firms could build an entire campaign around that theme. The media mix could be varied and diverse, enough to create sufficient awareness so that, in the unfortunate event that the service is needed, prospects have the top-of-mind awareness to now who to call.

* Back To School is the big selling season for replacement laptop batteries.

The media mix for either of the above examples could include:

  • content for optimized web pages, extensive guest blogging, Tweets, Facebook posts, an ebook, etc.,
  • inbound links,
  • relevant online directory listing
  • PPC,
  • radio – internet or broadcast,
  • video – web or broadcast,
  • print ads, out-of-home, etc.

DMG will research, plan, execute and report

For content marketing, DMG will help answer the question: What types of helpful, savvy information would someone be looking for who may need or want what you’re selling?

Services include:

  • research,
  • written plan of action,
  • written content: informative, original copywriting complete with sharable versions for various media
  • visual content: images and infographics for sharing on Pinterest, Snapchat, Facxebook Timeline and Instagram,
  • merchandising (publishing) of written and visual and content including social media, best-practice SEO web pages, blog posts, email campaigns, etc.,
  • inbound link building, and
  • reporting and analysis.

How to get started

Why not take a minute to contact us now…we’re ready to help you build some content marketing momentum.