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Digital press releases get indexed and can show on search results pages, helping to create “Page Dominance”.

Digital Press Releases Get Indexed

Digital press releases live online forever.  They get indexed by Google.  This means releases can show on search engine results pages.

Search Results Page Dominance

Imagine: on a search results page, you show up for:
 Google Ads PPC
 a natural, organic listing via SEO
 a Video web commercial
 for ecommerce, a product listing ad
a digital press release.

All on the same page.

That’s page dominance!

Nothing To Say?

“My company doesn’t have anything to say.”

“No media is going to give my business any press.”

“My New York City PR agency specializes in my business category. They were honest and told us  we don ‘t have anything to say.”

“I don’t understand the cost versus the benefit.”

The above comments are normal and usual. Here is how DiPietro Marketing Group replies.

Digital Press Releases Take Ideas And Imagination
Invent something to say.

The media have so much time and space to fill that good PR / story ideas are always welcomed.

DMG is an online digital press release idea-generating machine. It is honestly hard for us to imagine not being able to create something of value to say.

* Due to the economy and competitive pricing pressure, a DMG client reduced prices on many products. DMG turned that into an online press release.

* For an apparel ecommerce  retailer, DMG recommended a campaign where customers sent gently used clothing to the retailer for distribution to Goodwill. In return, the customer would get a % off the next purchase. The idea was to have online and, at the least, local offline PR as part of the mix.

* As part of a purchase follow-up survey, customers were asked how satisfied they were with the client’s business. The result – 98% were very or somewhat satisfied. DMG then turned that into an online press release which included the 2 phrases that are most important to the business.

It’s Search Engine Indexing You’re After

Many times, the benefit isn’t press. Rather, it’s search engine indexing.

Online press releases live online forever. They get indexed as any web page does. When releases contain links consisting of well-researched  key phrases, they become yet one more way for prospects who search to find you.

Further, Google’s #1 criterion for page indexing is link popularity – the amount of relevant links pointing in to a page. Including well thought out, keyword-rich links in online-distributed press releases (with the proper density) can help build link popularity.

DMG tries to include online PR as part of the media mix for its clients as often as possible. It is an important spoke on the advertising wheel. Think about it – wouldn’t you want prospective customers to be able to be able to find you via natural search *or* PPC *or* a web spot *or*
comparison shopping engine *or* an affiliate program *or* a blog?

That’s how momentum is built.