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“The web video you did made my company look much bigger than we are.”
Carol Comiskey, Partner, Trés Chic Boutique LLC

The purpose of a web video is to communicate a message that will cause the viewer to do what it is you what the viewer to do, or to think in or perhaps feel a way in which you would like the viewer to think or feel.  The purpose could be simply to inform.

It’s exactly the same with a TV commercial.

DiPietro Marketing Group’s roots are in traditional marketing via traditional advertising agencies. In the advertising business, a television commercial is called a TV spot.  That’s the reason DMG refers to a web video as a web spot. (‘Web video’ is used on this page in the blue H1 tag above, as well as in other tags and text, for search engine purposes.)

The only differences between a web video and a TV spot are:  the medium (the internet v. television), and broadcast method (airwaves / cable / fiber v. web code). The strategic thinking , the storyboarding, the copywriting, the art direction…the same basic principles are involved.

Do you think web shops see it this way? They employ tech people. DMG employs marketers, and uses tech people for tech work only.

So, which do you want:  a web shop handling your web video, or DMG creating your web spot?

TV Commercials

2018 TV Commercials

Law Firm Television Commercials

Campaign Of 3 Spots

Spot 1: All Legal Matters

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2017 TV Commercials

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Web Video storyboard
> Storyboard for LaptopBatteryExpress.com promoting Xtend Laptop Batteries. “Xtend”
web video storyboard
> Storyboard for LaptopBatteryExpress.com giving helpful tips. “How To Tell A Good Laptop Battery”
Web Video storyboard
> Storyboard for Scientific Animations :60 Web Video
“How To Create An Effective Medical Animation For A Tradeshow”

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