cost per acquisition strategies

A person walking down the street looks just like the type of person who buys from you. On an average sale, you have a $50 gross profit. Would you hand that person $5 to buy from you?

Knowing that the average customer will purchase 2 additional times over the next 12 months, and your combined gross profit on the three purchases will be $150, would you pay more than $5 to convince that person to make the first purchase?

The answer to both questions, generally, should be “Yes!”.

Do you know how much you should be investing to acquire each new customer given your specific business metrics? Do you know how to drive down that investment amount, creating even larger returns for you?

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC does.

Reducing Cost Per Acquisition

That’s all DMG has on its mind…reducing cost per acquisition for clients.

reduce cost per acquisitionFirstly, you have to know what it currently is. DMG will help businesses discover what their CPA currently is.

2Then, DMG will evaluate and project what the CPA should be.

3Thirdly, DMG will lay out a strategic plan to attain the goal.

Start building momentum and contact DMG now to discuss cost per acquisition strategies.

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