DMG's clients see significant results. Period.

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Increase in conversions on non-branded search terms
0 %
Increase in visibility on relevant search keywords
200 %
Decrease in CPA compared to Criteo
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Increase in ROAS vs Criteo
0 %
Higher ROAS vs NewEngen
200 %
Lower Avg. CPCs than Criteo by targeting a more highly-qualified audience
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Driving 30% of new business via Google Ads
200 %
Lower CPA vs industry average
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Increase in conversions rate
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Increase in CTR
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Doubled the Gross Ratings Points (reach & frequency) of a cable TV buy at the same spend! That’s a media buy that’s twice as good without the client needing to invest additional ad dollars!

Crafted an award-winning TV campaign that’s left a lasting impression on the target audience and the client and their firm “thrilled beyond words!”

30% uplift in brand recall as a result of awareness campaigns via TV and online advertising channels as measured by branded search terms.

Lead Gen

10% YoY growth in first-time leads for an already well- established firm (despite significant decreases in ad spend!).


15% YoY increases in organic traffic to a law firms website… that’s 1,000+ more visitors per year!

Media Planning & Strategy

Strategically cut $190k from under-performing media over a 4-yr pd. in order to invest in promising digital channels… that’s a reallocation of almost $200k that’s paid dividends!