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HTTPS Secure Sites As A Google Ranking Signal

Google HTTPS secure site ranking signal


In 2014, Google began what it called its “HTTPS everywhere on the web” initiative.  The stated purpose: for all to have a safe Internet experience.  The benefit to businesses by securing websites: a boost in Google ranking signal potentially leading to better search results rankings.

Protect Users From The Man-In-The-Middle

Basically, the intention is that a visited website protect a visitor’s privacy as well as the integrity of any data which may be exchanged over the Internet.  The protection is against man-in-the-middle attacks where the attacker interferes with or intercepts communication between two parties.  Example: a visitor submitting personally identifiable information via a website contact form.

At the time of the announcement of the initiative, Google began to run tests which give more algorithm weight to secure websites versus non-secure, thus potentially affecting page ranking.  At that time, the ranking boost was lightweight.  It affected fewer than 1% of global queries.  And, it carried much less weight in determining search results page rank than other signals such as quality content.

By slowly rolling out the test over time, the expectation was that Google was allowing time for websites to be switched to HTTPS before strengthening the weight of the signal.

Google Ranking Signal Boost

As of December 2015, the Google HTTPS secure sites everywhere initiative is now in full force.  Secure, HTTPS websites will get a ranking boost versus non-secure ones.  The boost is not a major one.  But, every little bit helps.

What Businesses Need To Do

Historically, secure HTTPS connections have been used for ecommerce transactions.  So, ecommerce businesses need do nothing.

B2B and others as well need to purchase a SSL certificate and have it installed. It’s not expensive.  It’s not difficult.

Just get it done.  Every single thing, no matter how large or small, that keeps a business in Lord Google’s good grace as well as helps site visitors should be pursued.

Feel free to contact DMG should help be needed with adding a SSL certificate to make a website HTTPS secure.

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