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Now May Be The Time To Test Google Shopping Actions

What Is Google Shopping Actions



Now may be the time to test Google Shopping Actions.

Announced in March 2018, Shopping Actions is a shopping program that allows retailers to seamlessly sell across Google Express (Google’s online mall) and Google Assistant (including Google Home), as well as on Google Search and Google Shopping.  The idea for Google is to try to better compete with Amazon by providing consumers the convenience and ease of shopping be it on desktop, web-enabled phones and TVs or through the use of voice.

Google had been testing its multi-platform approach with Walmart and Target, though Target recently pulled out.  However, more retailers have been added since spring.  Google has been accepting applications from other retailers for a chance to get in on what is still pretty much the ground floor.

Google Shopping Actions Features For Consumers

 Shop by voice, app or web.
 Free delivery.
 No membership fee.
 Many stores, one checkout.
 Instant checkout using saved payment credentials.
 1-Click re-ordering.
 Create sharable shopping lists.

Here is what you need to know in order to test Google Shopping Actions:

1.) It uses a commission-based model.  Like Amazon, Google keeps a percentage of the sale.
2.) As with Google Shopping, product data is fed through Google Merchant Center.
3.) Google’s AI helps retailers better target audiences.
4.) Unlike with Amazon, Google allows retailers to keep the customer data, including email list.
(During checkout, Google will actually prompt the customer to sign up for a retailer’s mailing list.)
5.) Product handling time must not exceed 4 days.
6.) Transit time must not exceed 10 days.
7.) The customer must receive a tracking number within 24-hours of shipment.
8.) Once an application to participate has been submitted to Google, it takes 7-10 days to receive a Yes or No response.

Google has been testing for a number of years now various methods to challenge Amazon’s grip on effortless shopping.  Results to date have been mixed.

However, to its credit, Google continues to tinker to find a winning formula.  Now is the time to test Google Shopping Actions.

Learn More

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To Apply For Google Shopping Actions

You can complete the Google Shopping Actions application here.  Or, contact DMG as we can manage the process for you.

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