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eCommerce Re-Design Increases Conversions 19 Per Cent

Slight ReDesign Increase Buy Rate 19%.


[dropcap]D[/dropcap]esperate need to move to BigCommerce. Ecommerce re-design desired, but, little budget for it. What to do?

eCommerce Re-Design Increases Buy Rate 19%.
eCommerce Re-Design Increases Buy Rate 19%.

eCommerce Re-Design

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC (DMG) moved to BigCommerce: set up product categories, massaged the exported product file and set up products, customized email messages (order confirmation, order shipped, etc.), integrated the client’s merchant account, imported re-directs, integrated with Google AdWords, Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Merchant Center, etc., etc.

Then, before flipping the switch, DMG updated the design according to the client’s budget. The web design will not win any awards. However, it has increased the store’s conversion rate by nearly 19%.

Google Analytics shows that, for the most recent 30-day period, the store’s conversion rate was 2.29%. No gre4at shakes, either.

But, consider the fact that, in the same period last year, the store’s conversion rate was 1.93%. That is an 18.7% increase.

Even on a tight budget, there are little things that can be done to increase conversion rates via a web re-design.

Again, not an award-winning website redesign. But, hey, an 18.7% increase will pay for it in a matter of months.

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