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2015 Google Agency Day NYC Highlights

Google Offices Agency Day


7 Takeaways From This Year’s Agency Day at Google

Recently, DMG was fortunate enough to be invited to Google’s Agency Day at their New York City offices.

Myself, along with other colleagues representing multiple other agencies attended the daylong event, which included some very prominent, and very interesting presenters.

Here are some of the top takeaways from my time at Google Agency Day.

1 South Jersey to NYC… No Thanks

Actually, once in a while it’s a great trip. It broke out into:

  • 45 minute drive to Trenton Transit Center
  • 70 minute train ride to Penn Station
  • 20 minute walk to Google Office in Chelsea

Frankly, I really enjoyed it. But that commute every day or even on a semi-consistent basis? Not for me.

2 Cool Office, Neat Location

Honestly, I was a little underwhelmed to find out the Google NYC Office was made up of just a few floors of a building located in Chelsea.

That said, the office was sparkling clean, extremely modern, and the main presentation room was rigged w/ probably tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of lighting, sound, and emcee equipment that was pretty impressive.

Views from the 10th floor deck provided great views of the city and the twenty-minute walk from Penn Station down to Chelsea was actually pretty enjoyable.

3 Sell, Sell, Sell.

It’s become pretty apparent that Google’s willingness to help agencies be successful on the AdWords platform is in direct correlation to their own motives for success.

The more clients an agency can sell on PPC, the more money flows to Google’s pockets.

Thus, Google and agencies involved in the digital realm of advertising have very aligned motives. It makes sense for Google to help certified partner agencies grow and get business, and their insights on how to do so were rather helpful and much appreciated.

However, though a sense of partnership, camaraderie, and hospitality were definitely present, I couldn’t help at times the lingering feeling I had that we were there (to an extent) as “Google resellers.”

4 Lighten The Load

Google’s Account Strategists are there to help during the PPC process and it’s best you use them. Sure, they can help with technical questions here and there, but as complex as AdWords has become, they can help alleviate a lot of time-consuming tasks like account set up, monthly reporting, indentifying some not-so-obvious, niche best practices, etc.

Remember, it’s in yours AND Google’s best interest that you are successful both in running current campaigns as well as bringing on more clients. If an Account Strategist can free up some of your time so that you can focus on new business, you should let them.

5 Cash In On Micro Moments

Google’s identified what’s being referred to as micro moments. These happen extremely frequently in today’s world, especially on mobile devices.

These micro moments include things like:

  • I want to know moments (general questions)
  • I want to go moments (searching for destinations, directions, etc,)
  • I want to do moments (restaurants, gyms, movies etc.)
  • I want to buy moments (where to buy goods)

By identifying micro moments that pertain to a particular business’ target audience, buying pattern, or behavior, marketers can develop, run and test things like ads, organic content, video content, etc., targeted to people early on or even before the buying process has begun.

A few key questions to ask when trying to identify these micro moments:

  • What do people search around my product? Brand? Category?
  • What content do people see? What content do people want to see?
  • What are the rising searches and what can we learn from trend data?
6 Google’s Got Swag
google gifts agency day 2015

Some Google Swag from Agency Day 2015.

A few gifts from Google included:

  • T-shirt
  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • Universal phone charger
  • Water bottle
  • Drawstring backpack
  • Google Cardboard*

*Google Cardboard is a device that works with smartphones that have downloaded the Cardboard App to turn their phones into virtual reality devices. (Think virtual reality goggles using just your phone and a small cardboard box.)

You can check out more on Google Cardboard here. Spoiler Alert: it’s pretty awesome.

7 Gross Net PPC Pricing Model?

When asked about the possibility of implementing a gross net pricing model for AdWords, a very prominent Google rep had no comment.

Well, actually, it was more like “(chuckling) I’ve been instructed not to disclose that information, but it’s been brought up.”

Seems like there’s a real possibility here and that Google may be in deep discussions about rolling this out. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Recapping The 2015 Google Agency Day In NYC

This was an all-around great trip to Google. Relationships are a major aspect in business, and it’s great that DMG is able to work so closely with such an important company in Google.

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