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Don’t you just love stuff that’s free, easy to learn and really, really good at what it is meant to be used for?

That describes WordPress in our estimation.

Who Should Use WordPress?

WordPress is basically software that is great for blogs. However, whether or not a blog is desired, any business not directly selling product should at least consider using WordPress due to its simplicity and ease of use. Don’t want to use the blog aspect? Then simply ignore that part of it. WordPress is very versatile; it is great for content sites and lead-generating sites, as well.

In fact, DiPietro Marketing Group LLC has designed and constructed sites using WordPress for community-oriented businesses such as SmarterHeartUniversity.com as well as lead-generating sites for B2Bs such as ScientificAnimations.com.

Blog or no blog, WordPress is great, easy to learn, and versatile.

Note, though, that only in certain circumstances should WordPress be used for ecommerce.

Custom WordPress Designs Themes Help Businesses Make More On Less Faster

There are a ton of free and low-cost WordPress designs themes available. But, why on earth would any serious business decide to use an off-the-shelf look?

Regardless of the nature of a business, a website is a marketing tool, a piece of marketing communications. It must immediately communicate, through the combination of visuals and words, certain things.

(See the DMG Web Design Principle.)

What do you think the chances of finding an off-the-shelf WordPress design that just happens to effectively communicate your business’ position and feel?

Choosing a run-of-the-mill WordPress design with literally no connection to the business is incredibly misguided and very short-sighted. Serious businesses understand investing in a custom WordPress design theme helps:

  • Decrease Bounce Rate
  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • and thus Increase ROI.

Custom WordPress designs and themes will help a business make more on less faster.

WordPress May Not Be Totally Free, FYI

Just for the record, the WordPress software may not end up being completely free. There usually is at least one small, recurring monthly cost involved.

The cost may be for WordPress plugins. There are nearly 16,000 WordPress plugins available, small pieces of software designed to augment WordPress in a very specific way. Some plugins that may be needed include ones specifically for: meta tags, blog post comment spam prevention, search engine sitemap creation, translating pages into different languages, media embedding, etc.

Some plugins are free; many are not. Those that are not free require a small, monthly fee. But, any fees for plugins are usually well-worth it even though they result in making the software not totally free.

Sample Custom WordPress Themes and Designs By DMG


CALECO (award winning design)
WordPress Design Templates Themes
Scientific Animations LLC
WordPress Design Template Theme Award Winner
Smarter Heart University (award winning design)
WordPress Design Theme Award Winner
The Airsoft Factory (award winning design)
DMG responsive website design
DiPietro Marketing Group LLC
AquaTray Website Design
AquaTray LLC
Climate Mechanics LLC
Atlantic Switch and Generator website design
Atlantic Switch and Generator LLC
TriCountyExteriors.com web design
Tri-County Exteriors LLC
Xtend Laptop Batteries Website Design
Xtend Brand Laptop Batteries
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