market research

If you want to know what to do or where to go with your business, just ask your customers via market research.

They’ll tell you all you need to know about how to get into their wallets.

More than How satisfied are you?

More than Would you recommend us?

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC gets to the heart of the matter.

Through well-thought-out market research, it was discovered that vitamins and supplements buyers were actually buying a better lifestyle. Lifestyle was the word customers themselves used. Thus, the business name for client Nature’s Nutrition.

(The words vitamins and supplements were included as part of the name as they are the relevant keywords with the greatest search volume.)

Further, prospects expressed that, to them, lifestyle meant living, looking and feeling better. Which led to the positioning line Live Better. Look Better. Feel Better.  Live Better. Look Better. Feel Better.

At first, I didn't want the time to be spent on this.  But, I didn't realize at the time that we could learn so much from it.

Peter Marino

RPh, President, Natures Nutrition,

A DMG study of’s customers was the first step taken in 2005 for client Trés Chic Boutique. Highlights of what was learned about this specific audience:
* dressed to express individuality
* preferred a look of understated elegance
* was not impressed with the product selection

These findings led to the position (slogan / theme) lineSignature Style. It also was the catalyst for a de-emphasis on width of product selection, and an emphasis on breadth instead. I.e. go deeper, not wider as far as product selection.

What was uncovered through the research also led to the writing of a Customer Profile. This profile is what is still being used as the basis for strategic decisions, and is a roadmap for creative work, including the writing of product descriptions and PPC ads. It helps paint the picture in the minds of all concerned as to whom we are speaking and selling.