increase website traffic

Most mothers from the Greatest Generation were fantastic cooks. They used no recipes.

If asked, “Exactly how much salt goes into that stew?”, the reply would have been along the lines of “Until it tastes right”.

Like a good stew, there are many ingredients that go into the marketing mix. Exactly which ingredients, and how much of each, depend on a slew of factors in each situation, or until it tastes right.

I didn’t believe there could be more business for me to get. Did you ever prove me wrong.

Robert Picciotti

So, how do you increase website traffic and get your sales chart to grow like this one?
This chart represents one of our client’s actual growth.
With an experienced online marketing chef.

Increase Website Traffic

* DMG uses a mix of push & pull strategies. * Examples of push: affiliate programs, comparison shopping sites * Examples of pull: SEO, SEM, email campaigns, PPC, PR, web spots, etc. $0-$50M in sales? Want more? One way to get there is with more of these folks to the left. To get them, Get The Ball Rolling and call DiPietro Marketing Group.

“DiPietro Marketing was the only firm I found – anywhere – that approached the internet as a marketing medium rather than a technical one.” Fred C. DuBois, President, Digital Day, Inc.,, fall 2007