increase purchase frequency

Increasing purchase frequency (a/k/a customer retention) is one of the two areas on which to concentrate in order to quickly boost revenue.

One of the ways to help increase purchase frequency is with a Bounce Back.
increase purchase frequency

Quick Tip: Bounce Back

A Bounce Back is a quick and easy way to get customers who have just purchased to return at some date (hopefully) in the near future. It is basically a coupon that includes an offer valid on the recipient’s next purchase.

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC (DMG) creates Bounce Backs for numerous eretail clients. Each is strategically thought-through for maximum impact.

Depending on the strategy involved, DMG creates Bounce Back coupons 3-up on a page in either PDF or Word doc format. The client / merchant:

  • is able to revise the coupons at any time, say, with a new offer and / or offer code,
  • prints using any computer printer in the desired quantity
  • slices the 3-up into individual coupons using a paper cutter.
  • inserts a coupon in with each shipment.

An offer code is used for the obvious reason of tracking. Various offers may then be tested using offer codes, too.

As with most offer codes, an expiration date should be included. Example: all Bounce backs going out this month include offer code ABC and the expiration date of 31 August 2009.

However, in many situations, it is not practical for the merchant to continually create new codes and set expiration dates for each one on a monthly basis. Not only would the Bounce Back need adjusting monthly, but a new code and expiration date would be needed to be set up in the system as well.

To alleviate this problem, when preparing the master Bounce Back file for merchants, DMG either skips any mention of an expiration altogether, or, uses simply Expires In 30 Days.

One benefit to using Expires In 30 Days is that, although technically it doesn’t expire, this wording helps add at least a perceived degree of urgency in the eyes of the customer.
increase purchase frequency

Refer A Friend, Too

DMG usually creates for clients a coupon with two halves…

  1. one half a Bounce Back for the customer who placed an order
  2. the other half with the same offer but different code for the customer to give to a friend.

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