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Converting business web site visitors to leads and / or sales is all about…

persuasive communications.

Which is why we think about business to business B2B web site design in terms of the prospect’s stage in the buying process, call-to-action, tone of voice, eye movement… stuff like that. Together, they help reduce Bounce Rates and increase conversion rates at the lowest COST PER ACQUISITION.

DMG doesn’t do online brochures.

If you want a marketing tool of a web site…Get The Ball Rolling and call DiPietro Marketing Group LLC.

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DiPietro Marketing Group LLC

Atlantic Switch and Generator
Atlantic Switch and Generator

Xtend Laptop Batteries Website Design
Xtend Brand Laptop Batteries

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Scientific Animations

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AquaTray Leak Barrier Ceilings

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Swivel Stands POS Equipment

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General Floor, Inc.

business to business web design
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DiPietro Marketing Group LLC (2007)
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DiPietro Marketing Group LLC (2004)

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Healthy You Web

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DMG Design Studio

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MP Contract Flooring
MP Contract Flooring

The DMG Business To Business Web Design Process

  1. A Strategic Brief is created by a marketing strategist. This is the most critical step.
  2. Comprehensive designs are created by an art director based on the Brief.
  3. A web developer constructs the site.
  4. Each individual page is optimized by a SEO specialist.

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