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NJ SEO is a low-hanging key phrase for DMG.
NJ SEO is a low-hanging key phrase for DMG.
So…what, exactly, is NJ SEO? Quite simply, it’s a key phrase. It’s one of many that are important to DMG, enough so that we’ve created this special page and optimized it to the greatest degree possible solely for the purpose of getting you (yes, you) to this site. If we can get you here, just imagine what DMG can do for *your* website traffic via SEO. Chances are, this is what happened…
  • you are interested in finding a NJ SEO company, so
  • you performed a search on Google, Bing, Yahoo or whichever for the phrase NJ SEO,
  • this particular page was displayed in the search engine’s results, and
  • you clicked on that result which took you to this page.
If you’re reading this, and you are, in fact, looking for a NJ SEO company, then, we’ve done a good job with the optimizing, wouldn’t you say?

NJ SEO Began With Research

We treat ourselves as we if we were a client. The starting point is determining which key phrases are of most importance to the company. The process is:
  • our own thoughts based on our own objectives and experiences,
  • plus additional, relevant phrases via keyword generation tools,
  • an analysis of each of those phrases which includes search volume, traffic generated, competition, relative value, etc., followed by
  • grouping like-phrases. (Example: an ecommerce store’s phrases would be grouped into one of the following: Generic, Brand, or Product.)

The NJ SEO Phrase Plan & Remaining Fluid

Each phrase is then assigned its place in a plan. The initial phase of the plan – the launch period – contains those phrases for which NJ SEO efforts will begin immediately. The launch part of the plan usually contains a mix of phrases that are most important to the business: those that are considered to be low-hanging fruit and those that are longer-term, harder-to-get-indexed-for phrases. Low-hanging fruit are phrases that generally do not have much search volume and / or do not have much competition, but, are still important to the business. NJ SEO is such a phrase for DMG. Longer-term phrases are those that have greater search volume and / greater competition, which would require much more time and effort before good results are achieved. The things is, work on these types of phrases needs to start NOW simply because they are important; the sooner work begins on these, the sooner results are realized. The remaining phrases, those that are of lesser importance, are worked into the plan based on when results are achieved. So, the plan is fluid in this sense; it cannot be readily determined when the second-tier phrases actually are melded into the mix.

Copy Length & Key Phrase Density Objectives Met

Naturally, there’s still more to what we did for the phrase NJ SEO and how we did it. But, at this point, this NJ SEO page has met our objective in terms of copy length (around 500 words) as well as key phrase density (roughly 4%, which is the reason you’re reading nj seo so many times). So, we’ll end NJ SEO here.

Go Ahead…Pull The Trigger

You were looking for a NJ SEO company, right? Well, you’ve now found a really good one…DiPietro Marketing Group LLC. You’ve learned a little about our thought process. All you need to do now is pull the trigger by contacting us right now using a method to the right of this NJ SEO page that is most convenient for you. Look forward to hearing from you and to helping to build qualified traffic for your business!